Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Claire's Boys Ate On This

This morning before playgroup, but after kindy drop-off, I popped up to the post office and posted off three parcels. Only three to go now and that's it for my overseas posting. Such a relief that will be. Tomorrow, I've promised myself. Of course I haven't even thought about Christmas cards but plenty of time - right? Oh golly that brings on terrible thoughts of trying to get four girls, looking half way decent, for a family photo for the card. You try it, almost impossible!

Now remember dear Claire, from Dolly Dollop, who posted me her old table cloth? Well it arrived last week and just look at it now...

Does it not look very flash in it's new surroundings? Oh indeed it does. Just the right sort of colour for a garden potting table too. Yeah right, like I could ever dirty it! It just looks really pretty. Maybe I could put some pretty pot plants on it and surrounding it. Claire's boys used to eat on this cloth. Probably licked it too. Bet she sometimes thought it looked as though it belonged in a garden when they had finished eating. I know that feeling, most days.

And look what my darling husband put up for me. A lovely board across a beam so I can store my digging implements. Maybe I can round up a few more things to fill it up one day. Perhaps
I need something like a pretty picture on the fence too. It's all a bit natural looking. We'll see. Don't think I could use applique in this instance, sadly.
See the little baby carrots growing? I could hardly tell what was a weed and what was seedling on Sunday. But now there is definitely two lines of the little fellows growing so well. I can finish the weeding now.

I made the mistake of picking a pea pod for the littlest one to eat yesterday. She loved it and bawled when she'd finished it because it was so yummy and could she please have another one. OK but only one more! But it seemed like it just wasn't going to do. Now she knows where they come from they won't be left alone. Luckily she's the only girl who eats her peas.

Weeded paths, swept off paving stones are the results from the weekend in the garden.
Look at my nicely swept path. It used to be thick with leaves, but no longer.

Gosh the garden really looks nice from photos. You miss out on all the clutter and mess. We have been making plans to tidy up a few more parts of the garden this spring. Must get on with those.

Our garden has been neglected quite badly since we moved here three years ago. You get that when children are little. I was just about to have baby No. 4 when we arrived here. The garden was so perfect, with a pond, waterfall, weed-free gardens and under-control plants. Now it's like a jungle in places. The chalking, bikes, left out toys and general garden mess has started to take over.

Oh well, I guess this pile of washing isn't really folding itself whilst I'm on the computer is it?

Thanks for your lovely comments about my advent calenders yesterday. You really are too kind! I don't really have anything to sew today as I have material needs. Well more notion needs really. Perhaps a trip to Spotlight is on the cards this week.
I must show you some pretty Christmas pictures next time. Quite inspiring they are. Have a happy day!


jmj8275 said...

There is only one formal portrait of my three sisters and me in existence. I guess my mother found it too challenging.

Sarah said...

I tell you we usually have one in tears, one doing things with fingers, fits of giggles, grumping, walking off, you name it. I'm thinking bribes this time. Will definitely have to think hard about it. It's the biggest challenge in the year for me.

Serenata said...

Your garden is looking wonderful Hopefully I'll get to take a walk through it come February/March next year? ;-)

Lululiz said...

Nicely swept path??? You missed some! ;-) Actually, your garden looks lovely and I am very envious.

Floss said...

The garden is looking great - love the table. We solved the problem of children wanting to graze on the crops as they grew by giving Son 1 a patch of his own - he planted and (occasionally) watered his tomatoes, and he had to right to graze off them but none of the others in the garden! I love the tast of fresh garden peas myself...

claire said...

your garden DOES look lovely - especially the part with the rather fabulously covered potting table!!!
It looks great - and makes me smile to think it is being reused xx
ps yes some days the cloth looked fit for the garden and worse...post spag bol are bad days, and painting days!!!!

Itch2stitch.com said...

I would love to see the effort which goes into that portrait!!! Your garden looks lovely, and yes we only do show the good bits! but good bits look so good! suzie. xxx

Lace hearts said...

I love the tablecloth in position, and you have made me giggle with your comments about her boys licking it. I think it's well placed. You have such a lovely garden. I'm really drooling over your path. Well, not literally cos that wouldn't be very nice.
Lovely post. x

Pomona said...

Your garden looks pretty good to me! We have had over 20 years to get ours straight and it still isn't tidy!

Pomona x

the cookie cutter said...

Love how neat your garden is, ours is looking a bit jungle like at the moment, why is it that weeds grow quicker than the things you actually want to grow? Your potting table is just perfect!!x