Monday, 19 October 2009

Markets, Boot Sales and Parties

How much gingham can a little girl wear? Clearly not enough!

My mother, who incidentally has just got a work computer and is now able to read my blog which she has heard so much about (everyone say a big 'Hi' to my mother!), has just had a big clean out and discovered some of my long lost treasures. These are among them. I made these egg cup covers when I was probably 12 years old. The wool ties were just awful so they have now been replaced with snazzy ribbons and braids. The first two are vintage, yes my mother's. Golly I hope people don't call my things vintage when I'm older. Talk about aging!

My little two year old and I were invited to a party on Sunday afternoon. The other three went to the movie 'Up' with Daddy. I had completely forgotten about it until Saturday when I received a text message. What on earth do you make a three year old boy at the last minute? Remember I wasn't able to buy anything.

A monster of course!! Out of a tea towel I had which was still new. The 'E' on it's bottom is the initial of the birthday boy. Good fun to make, will have to make some more I think. Another page for the '100 Uses Of A Tea Towel book'.

Well three of the girls and I attended our first ever boot sale on Saturday. My mother was there selling the family heirlooms. I took back a few doilies I thought might be useful. Maybe for adorning an apron?
We picked up this game which is a take on Scrabble...

And look at these divine broiderie anglaise laces! Metres of some of them and all for only $1.50. Bargain I say. I'm thinking nighties. For all of us!! Well maybe not Daddy.

A sweet basket that I've been looking for, for a Christmas project...

And we had yet another party on Saturday afternoon. A McDonald's afternoon tea and play. My aunt was having a birthday this time. I made her an apron just like the one I made for myself last week.
The girls looked dirty after all that playground playing and ice cream, so we whisked them home for a bath with the promise that we would have a pyjama party afterwards. How else would you get them all showered and bathed at 4.30???

Curry and rice followed by self-saucing chocolate pudding. It was served with ice cream and melting marshmellows. Yummy! All eaten at the coffee table with candles, even Mummy and Daddy wore their PJ's. It was very good fun.

Some before and after shots of my front entrance way. I managed to pick up some red Salvia's at the boot sale at only $3 for 12 plants. Plenty for this area. With a few white Petunias in the pot, I'm hoping that by Christmas it will provide a festive welcoming for our guests. Well, that's if the jolly neighbourhood cats will stop digging them up!!

And there was a little friend to help me. She made sure that everything was really wet. Really wet.

I made a dressing for my salad today. I haven't done that since I went to a cooking for singles course many years ago. Actually I remember that, because that's the recipe I used! Tasty too.
The salad I picked up at Market Day on Saturday, after the boot sale, during dance class.

My little girls have had busy mornings so we came home after lunch and made pink playdough. Very girly and pretty. I'm sure the big girls will also spend some time with it after school. One is never too old to play with dough.

It's so lovely and squishy!

They've been making cupcakes with it and having a lovely time.
Well now I guess it's time to hang out the sheets or they will never get dry. I have to make the most of any dry times we get. The rain just seems to come so suddenly and I really don't like wet washing! I'll see you all a bit later on. Have a good day!


Sarah said...

By the way, you may have noticed that I've moved the Christmas Tree Countdown down the page a bit. It was like a slap in the face whenever I looked at it. Talk about rude that tree. I noticed the number only ever got smaller too. I don't need any more pressure than I already am giving myself thank you.

Andi said...

Lovely pics but I was instantly drawn to the pic of the self saucing chocolate pudding. Have a better collection of words ever been combined into such a delicious phrase?
May we please have the recipe.
Andi :-)

Sarah said...

I'll put it on my next blog, promise. Now I must make Floss' ginger biscuits now that I have a lemon. Can't wait which is very strange for me. I think I'm getting old as I'm getting more domestic. Scary!

Lululiz said...

Excellent result from the bootsale, the broderie anglaise pieces are so pretty.

CHRISTMAS, CHRISTMAS, CHRISTMAS, CHRISTMAS, Christmas will be here sooner than you think ............ teeheee, just to add a bit more pressure, lol, thats for moving the poor little Christmas tree, who has never done anybody any harm, and sticking it way down the side there. Poor thing. Look, its already starting to drop needles now.

Sarah said...

Excellent and if those numbers don't start increasing soon I might just have to chop the jolly thing down. I tell you it's really messing with me! said...

Your house looks like a very happy busy one! I have made things with tea towels too. I have just sent for some gingham (red) ones from laura ashley to make some blinds for my kitchen window. Its such an inexpensive way to do it, and there are some really gorgeous tea towels to pick from too! Love your bootsale buys too! Suzie. xxx

Serenata said...

Hence why I haven't got a Christmas tree! ;-)

Love the basket and the lace. There is something about baskets isn't there - especially when you find just what you are looking for!

Michela said...

I can't believe that you made that sweet last minute monster with a tea towel! Where can I get that book???!!! The challenge is becoming everyday more interesting!

Sarah said...

Ah Michela the book is just an idea in my head at the moment. I'll be sure to send you an autographed copy as soon as it's published, ha ha. Like I have time for a book! Oh and a red gingham teatowel curtain - that's it!! For my laundry. I love it.

Joan said...

It's nicer to call things "vintage" than "old and decrepit" isn't it?

I've never heard the phrase "boot sale," unless footwear is the item to be purchased.

Michela said...

P.S. I'm sorry, I forgot to say "hello" to Lady Red Gingham!

sallgood said...

Lots of fun goings on!
(I can relate to the vintage thing- my twin sister and I both have seen items we remember from our childhood in ANTIQUE SHOPS! :D