Thursday, 8 October 2009

The Relaxing Art of Applique

Oooh look they are coming to life! That peacock looks like he's about to walk right out of here.

And the pretty flower toppling about in the breeze. I would never in a hundred years have chosen these fabrics for applique. I think they are very lovely indeed, but with such large prints on some of them I would have chosen to use them on something larger. That's the joy of doing someone else's idea I suppose. It was a great challenge and right out of my comfort zone. A learning experience for a variety of reasons.

I do think Victoria is a little in love with my bird. She's thinking of keeping him for herself. That's OK, one quilt is for her. I think I just might have to use my pattern with some of my fabrics and see how he turns out. Perhaps another pillowcase nightie?
I really enjoyed hand sewing these little pictures. I think I just might have to applique more often. It's very relaxing and makes a change from sitting at the machine. Much quieter too for television watchers.

This flower would have to be my favourite. I love the casualness of the whole picture. Sort of floaty and random looking. I think I feel a bit like this flower, mostly. Just happy being.
It looks like a trip to the post office is in order now. I love the feeling of crossing things off the list. As long as I don't look at the rest of the list I'll be OK for a while. I've got a few important things on the list at the moment. That's the list in my head. Too scary to write them down! One would be to ring the mobile phone company so I can change my mobile number over to my new supplier. Too scared to do that as I will feel like an utter dork 'cause I can't follow the directions on their website. Husband kindly pointed out to me last night that they are quite used to speaking to idiots who can't follow the simplest of instructions - that's what they do all day! Gee thanks. I'm going to do it though, really I am.
The other thing is ring the dentist. Not sure I'll have time for that one. Too many things to clean, tidy, do, procrastinate, and so on....


sallgood said...

Your applique looks great! I agree, hand sewing is relaxing!

Andi said...

Beautiful applique work!!

Anonymous said...

They are beautiful!

Oh, yes!I'd love to see a new nightie
with the bird pattern with your fabrics,too! I think that would be soooo very cute !!!!!

(...and call that dentist because if you wait too much you'll really have got reasons for being scared...)

Sarah said...

Thanks ladies! And guess what? I've sorted my phone out and it's all go!! Yay. Dentist tomorrow, promise Manka.

Floss said...

We'll hold you to that promise! Well done on the phone and that lovel applique.

Lululiz said...

You are such a little madam clevercloggs, your applique is so perfect! Can we have a very close close up please, would love to see how you did your stitching.

Dentist, ouch, be brave, girl, be brave!

Pomona said...

The applique is very beautiful - you must be very speedy at your stitching! I think the key with lists is to put 2 or 3 easy things at the top that you can tick off quickly!

Pomona x

Sarah said...

Oh I like that idea Pomona! I'll rewrite my list after I've unpacked the wet groceries. Grrr.