Wednesday, 7 October 2009

A Fishy Tail

I've been a bit of a secret squirrel of late. I haven't told you about the other blog I am involved in. Please forgive me! It's not that I didn't want to share it with you, I just got too busy with school holidays and sewing. Please feel free to check it out sometime.

Victoria from Bumble Beans has set it up for everyone making patches for her latest charity quilt. This time the fabrics are from Jennifer Paganelli. The blog is named Sis Boom Pow after the line of fabrics.

Well my fabrics, which were a surprise, arrived yesterday. I drew up a couple of ideas last night and was surprising happy with both of them. We need to make two and they can be the same, but I'd rather do something different for both. I'm a bit of a one hit wonder when it comes to making things. They should be fun to hand stitch.

This morning we needed to visit Spotlight once again. It wasn't even my suggestion!! No.2 had run out of wool for her stitched picture. How annoying when it's a kit. I needed to purchase some fabric for a few birthday's I'd sort of forgotten about anyway. Naughty me!
I wracked my brain all last night trying to figure out what to make. And the final decision was Mermaid fancy dress outfits, believe it or not. They should be fun I think. What do you think of my fabric selection? Isn't it pretty and sparkly? I'm not sure what happened, probably the fact I had four children with me and one was behaving badly, but I bought sheer fabrics. I hate working with these!!! With a passion!!!

The headbands came out alright. So cute I might have to make one for Little No.4. Gosh I love her hair.

Well it turned out to not be such a big deal after all this skittish fabric selection. Once I'd pinned it together and used some batting for volume, it was OK to sew. No big dramas at all. Still I'm not buying it again as there are way easier fabrics out there. I think it was the special price sticker on the rolls that did it. Only $3 and $7 a metre. Bargain! And I already had the lining, batting and elastics.

So we have a purple mermaid with pink spots...

and a blue mermaid with multi coloured spots...

All ready to wrap and send. I'm going to get stuck into my applique tonight so I may have photos to show you tomorrow. Then again, with the supermarket shop looming in the morning I just might need a lie down after that.
Hope you are having a good day. Thank for all your lovely comments as usual. I really do love reading them all. Now I'm going to do a quick spot of weeding whilst the sun is shining finally. See you later!


Floss said...

Fantastic costumes! I really wanted to be a mermaid once on a Brownie Float in the parade, and my mum refused and made me a pirate costume instead... Still sulking after all those years!

Anonymous said...

I love your ideas for the charity quilt, especially the bird!It looks sooo lovely ! I adore bird patterns!
The costumes are fantastic too.

Lululiz said...

I really cannot imagine how you can fit everything you do into your days.
I like the designs for the charity quilt. Now hurry up and let us see which fabrics you are using for what.
You done yet, you done yet, you done yet, you done yet, you done yet............

Sarah said...

Yes Liz, I'm done!!! Have a looksie on the Sis Boom Pow blog for photos.

the cookie cutter said...

I can't keep up with you, and that is just the reading! Love the mermaid tails, you inspire me everyday! I saw one of these in a shop years ago and wanted to make one for Hope who is now 10! Alex is 4 so I could still make one! You really do motivate me to just get it done!!!xx