Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Parcels And Parties

Look what arrived in the post for me. Not one, but two parcels and my magazine too. And it's not even my birthday! No, one is my colour swap from Jo. Would you like to see what she sent?

Oh wow, look at all that delicious red!

I can't believe she crocheted me a scarf so quickly. It would have taken me years to do that. OK I've done two squares of one and it looks horrid. Dear Jo, she's even made my girls red gingham hair clips. Too cute!!

Those fabric hearts are divine! I've put them next to the little girls beds and they look very sweet. Look at the matching crochet purse as well. Stickers, buttons, and the most fabulous bandana I've ever seen.

I'm actually going to use it to mend my favourite pair of jeans. Yes really! I know a bit hard to imagine, but anyway. There will be photos, I assure you.

That was such a fun swap Liz organised. I really enjoyed finding turquoise items for Jo as well. I have to say, I feel very spoilt and love all the things I received. Thank you very much Jo, and Liz as well for all the organising that went into it.
Well it was a mad weekend at our house. Lots of family and visits too. The party went well. Fun was had by all the cousins and there was much squealing and excitement. That's what parties are all about after all.

There was plenty of food... and a few pieces of cake left over, so please, help yourself to a slice! The jug's just boiled too if you would like a cuppa to go with it.

The party girl's mother (my sister in law) is from Brazil and a birthday tradition they have is to decorate with these colourful creations. Inside is a little hard coconut lolly. The wrapping is crepe paper which has been made twirly. Makes a pretty coloured table display.

And as usual at parties, there was plenty of eating!! This little one really didn't stop, but I'm guessing only the icing and decoration was eaten. Naughty, naughty!

And boy was there plenty of this...!!!

With two sets of grandparents there, and us, the poor birthday girl didn't know where to look first! Never mind. We all had a lovely day and all the girls had such a good time together. It's a shame we don't get to see her very often.

Our little four year old started morning kindy this week. She's doing very well thank goodness. You would think that I would have so much time for things now, but I don't seem to. Time just seems to evaporate. Maybe I should be more organised. Something to work on maybe.
Hope you are having a good week. I have another parcel to unwrap for you tomorrow. Stay tuned!! Oh how I love parcels.


Lululiz said...

Ooohh, aaaahhh, just look at all those very red prezzies! JJ is in Portugal at the mo, without computer access, but I told her on the phone that you have received your parcel and she was very relieved it got to you safely. Gorgeous gifts, aren't they just. You are the first one to receive and blog about the Rainbow Swap parcel, yay! But guess what? I have received my parcel today as well, my BEIGE parcel, and it is fabulous, just FABULOUS!! said...

I love red! Thats a very pretty parcel to get! Suzie. x

Floss said...

'Squealing and excitement'? That sounds appropriate for the parcel as well as the party! What a lovely set of gifts. I've had a letter and a parcel recently, but am still waiting for my blue swap... OOOOOhhh! Very exciting, all of it!

Pomona said...

What a wonderful swap parcel! I chose red, too, so it particularly appeals to me. And I am prompted to comment that great minds think alike (and forget about any fools!).

Pomona x

Sarah said...

Goodness all these parcels and letters flying around the world! And I've just heard that the UK postal service is on strike and we should send our Christmas mail by tomorrow! They must be kidding!!! Who the heck has their Christmas presents or even cards ready to post tomorrow? Really!

Anonymous said...

Your presents are really lovely,
and your Pooh cake is just perfect,so beautiful.Congratulations.