Monday, 5 October 2009

The Bug Is Spreading!

No. 2 had a friend for a sleepover in the weekend. They decided to do a little stitching. Friend had not done this before so it was quite exciting for her. They hopped off to their bedroom and planned a project. Little friend was given a sewing lesson from No.2!

I was a very proud Mummy! Look what they made for their Mums. Mine is the red heart with the green back. My favourite colours. How sweet are they?

I'm ever so envious of Dottie Angel's jug of pretty knitting needles. However I only have a couple of grey ones - boo hoo! But I did find these lovely balls of crochet threads handed down to me by my mother. Not that she ever would have used them. Pretties up the lovely dish very nicely.
I've been searching for a use for this tee shirt. I really love it. We've had a couple of girls wear it and now it's just too small and way too stained to pass on. Well I finally found something just right for it. I'll show you down the post a little.
This beautifully decorated Christmas Tree was also hand stitched by the same girls. They made one each. I love the beads and the stars, just like a real tree.

In the weekend I was discussing making presents for Christmas and both my big girls decided that they too would like to make their own presents. Fantastic news! This is something No.2 has been working on since last Christmas but suddenly it has burst into life again. Not many stitches left to do now.

More mending at our house this weekend. These newish jeans belong to No. 2. They were perfectly fine except for this knee. Why don't they make them thicker these days? Oh of course I know that answer! It's all about making more money isn't it?

That sweet tee shirt up there a bit has been given a new lease on life and is now spread across No.2's jeans knee and on her back pocket too. She really liked the little fairy, so being a lovely Mummy, sometimes, I painstakingly cut her out and stitched her on. She does look cute! Yes she does go right through the pocket, but the pocket is never used anyway.

A bit more thrifting in the kitchen! I really love these mugs I bought in a sale last year. I wanted a set of mugs that matched. Just like other people have. But they keep chipping or breaking. Very glad I didn't pay full price for them!
So when this poor cactus dropped off the bathroom window sill and the pot broke, I found a perfect replacement. Now it resides in the kitchen and makes it look a little bit cheerier.

I'm enjoying looking around for recycling goods at our house. It's amazing what can be used for something else. Quite a lot of fun really.
Well I have one daughter to drop off at a friend's house for yet another sleep over, and another friend arriving when we get home. Wouldn't want the house to get too quiet now would we? Have a good day. Hope it's not as cold as it is here. Feels like the middle of winter here today.


Andi said...

What a wonderful post today!!
How old is No 2? You must be very proud of her. She's a crafter AND a teacher it would seem.
And great repurposing mum!!!

Sarah said...

Hi Andi! She's 8 and just like me in many ways. Sometimes that's not such a good thing either!! I think she's going to be really into sewing which is very exciting. Just hope she doesn't use up all my supplies.

Floss said...

The girlie sewing lesson sounds so good, and the results are great! No 2's friend must be so proud of what she's made!

I couldn't wait for your one-hundred-and-second use of a dead T-shirt (if you remember my post on that subject) and I wasn't disappointed. Our boys live in shorts for so much of the year, so I've had a wonderful long time of no knee-patching, but that time of year is coming back now... Son 1 would not be seen dead with an 'interesting' patch, but Son 2 might be pleased to see the logo from his favourite T-shirt (now covered in red ink and resin) recycled!

Thanks for your comments on my advent post. There is no 'right way' to do it - we have made it up as we go along and that's the fun of it! I'm hoping to get lots of other ideas from round the world as people add their comments this year...

Sarah said...

I see another book coming up! 102 uses for a dead t-shirt. Could be sold as a twin pack with my 100 used for a tea towel book maybe? Yeah right! Actually I've discovered another use for a tea towel which I must try out tomorrow. Should be fun to share with you all. said...

I love that your girls are getting into sewing and crafts, that is so good! I enjoy thinking what I can use around the house for some other use. It is fun isn't it. Its such a good feeling when something broken or out of use can be recycled! Loved this post! Suzie. x

Lululiz said...

You are so blessed, having daughters who love crafts and cooking and baking and all sorts of wonderful things.

sallgood said...

I love homemade, and especially when made with love by children!
Here is my email address for the Popcorn Tree Song: I'll delete this comment when you email me...)

Sarah said...

Oh poor Liz with boys! At least you have a granddaughter; I could end up with a pile of grandsons!!! Oh perish the thought! If it makes it any better I am very thankful every single day that I was given four of them. I really do think I’m one of the luckiest mummies in the world.