Thursday, 15 October 2009

Another Parcel and a Bit Of Pottering

Oh my goodness me!!! Look what Michela insisted on sending me. A pair of her old worn jeans. What was she thinking you're wondering? I mean look at the state of them!!! Now really, I just got so excited about them that I cut them up before photographing them for you. How silly is that?

See here is the evidence. She wanted me to be able to make some more of my bags so she offered to send me some she no longer needed. How very generous is that? And look, that's just what I'm doing with them. Looking good!

Of course I said no at first as the cost of sending them would be way too high. But Michela is rather insisting and said she would throw in a dress she didn't wear and a magazine. Well I could hardly turn her down again now could I? And look, she sent delicious chocolates too. Excuse me? Are you suggesting that these could be empty boxes? Well you'll never know will you? He he!

And goodness what fabulous bedtime reading this is going to be. I love this mag and have just started getting them out from the local library. But to have my own copy is another story!! I can even cut pictures out of it if I want to.

And look at the dress she sent. Never worn. Claims it didn't fit her bust which she swears is similar to a surfboard! I'm thinking now that perhaps I am more like a baking tray, as it fits me like it's been made to measure.
Gosh the compliments I received yesterday. I wore it over a top and jeans and it looked gooood! I thoroughly enjoyed telling people that it was sent from a good friend in Venice. Oh the groans and disappointment in their faces. It was too good.
Aren't I so lucky? What a lovely person Michela is to send me all this and wanting nothing in return. You would be mistaken in thinking it was a swap parcel. There are truly some wonderful people lurking in blogland. Thank you so very much Michela!!!

And look at my baby with her new hair clips Jo sent her. Aren't they just the cutest?

I had been admiring a table, quite an uninspiring one to many really. It was down the road from here outside someones house. I had stopped to look at it quite a number of times I suppose. Well all my girls knew which one I wanted so you could probably say I was obsessing over it really. OK I admit it, I was totally in L.O.V.E. with it!!!

So as one does, I sent the dear husband out straight after work to collect it. Gosh I didn't think it was quite so big, whoops. He wasn't terribly impressed with having to get it and how it looked. But he know how to make a girl happy and shut one up too I guess. Oh look at my wonderful people mover. It still excites me to own one. It's truly the bestest car in the world, even if it does resemble a tip inside.

So what do you think of my new potting table? Hey, not bad for nothing is it? Picture a few nails on the fence to hand a few tools. A few decorative pots to look like it's being used. Lucky for that high fence we have as I would have looked quite suspicious with the camera hanging out the loo window! It's one of those with a security catch too.

And what about a nice plastic table cloth to cover the top. Yes this would be ideal and no not too bright at all. Unfortunately if I want something similar to this I would have to fork out some serious dollars. Now that would no impress Tif (The Challenge maker) would it? No it would not. I'm thinking I will have to look around and see if I can find something cheaper, or free even.

I've gotten quite serious in the garden over the weekend and extended my small patches considerably. I will have to wait until the jolly rain stops to show you what I've been up to.
Well now, I might just go and see what the littlest madam is up to. I can't hear water so it's probably OK. Have a good day/evening or whatever you are at.
Bye for now, Sarah xxx


the cookie cutter said...

FUN parcel, how nice!! Love the table. I love old stuff like that, my husband thinks I am nuts! Enjoy setting up your potting place!x

Pomona said...

Michela is a real sweetie, and I can't wait to see what you make of the jeans. Maybe you should write a book on 101 things to do with old jeans. I love the idea of the cast-off table - we have spent our life taking on other people's throwouts - it is so much more fun than going out to buy new!

Pomona x

Sarah said...

Funny you should say that Pomona! Check this out:

claire said...

What a great post x
How lovely of Michela, I love your denim bags :)
How big is the table Sarah? I am about to take the oilcloth of my dining table as it has an iron mark on one corner....let me know the measurements and we can see if the unironed part is big enough xx
(email me cfeathers30 at aol dot com if easier xxx)

Michela said...

Hi Sarah! Thank you so much for your kind words! The little lady wearing the red gingham clip looks so pretty!
P.S.Where is the picture of our baking tray??!!! ;-)

Pomona said...

Well, I think it is a runner! That's two books for you to do now. And if you want to swap some tea towels for one of your jeans creations then I am on for it!

Pomona x

Sarah said...

Yes I think a book would be a lot of fun one day. Not sure if it would be a best seller but a useful gift perhaps. Pomona I could be persuaded to go for a tea towel/bag swap. There's just rubbish over here. I will have to get in touch with you at some time. Thanks for the offer. Look, another wonderful person!!

Pomona said...

Just email me your address and I will do the rest!

Pomona x

Lululiz said...

Wow, Michela is an amazingly generous girl, what a lovely parcel to receive from her. said...

This is just wonderful, and it makes me so happy to see how many kind people there are out there! Suzie. xxx

Joan said...

I have subscribed to Country Living for many years, and I love it. I just got a renewal notice that says that I can send a free subscription to a friend. I read the notice carefully, and there's nothing that says it has to be a U.S. address. If you'll email me your address, I'll send it in. The worse the publisher can do is say no!

Serenata said...

Oh I can't wait to see what you make with those jeans. Isn't blogland a wonderful place? I've just been given a pair as well, so we will have to compare creations!

By the way, whereabouts are you in Auckland? Who knows when I come over in March next year maybe I could arrange to meet up with you as well?!

sallgood said...

So many fun gifts, and a GREAT potting table find! I love how creativity and resourceful living are meant for each other! Thanks for the inspiration!!!

Lucy said...
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Lucy said...

Wow- how thoughtful of Michela! I am looking forward to seeing the finished creation! Enjoy the choc and the magazine too! I love the table- it will be great for summer!