Friday, 7 August 2009

What's Cool?

Well, did I enjoy my first school outing yesterday? Did I ever!!! It was such a lot of fun. The kids were so good but oh so excited. Don't blame them really. All I had to do was walk in the middle of the line to make sure they all kept up with the group. Really hard work aye?

The show itself was really well done and it was put on by the national youth drama group or something similar. Apparently 90 bus loads of students filed in yesterday at various times!!! Imagine that many kids all highly excited! Quite a fabulous day was had by all, well except the mother behind us who fell asleep half way through! The noise level in the building was immense, how she managed to fall asleep was beyond me.

Look what the lovely boy bought home for me! Aren't I lucky? A three pack of magazines all about quilting and patchwork. Should be a good read when I get the time to go through them. He always buys me these three packs for my birthday and Christmas, he's so very thoughtful when it comes to presents and puts so much effort into it. Yes I realise it's not my birthday, and it's certainly not Christmas, but he was buying himself a mag and thought of me too. Sweet, sweet boy.

I have been cracking on with the flowers for the quilt. This is No. 2's favourite colour combination. I've managed to finish four and a half now. I pinned the others all at the same time so I don't have to muck around with each one. The jolly pins sure get in the way though. I end up with about 30 odd on each flower so you can imagine the pickly I get myself into sometimes.

Here are four of them. Only two to go! Dreadful photos of them I'm afraid. The sun is out again today, wohoo, but the inside of the house really doesn't get the benefit of it for a while, except in the kitchen.

The background fabric is actually lemonish. Not that you would know, looking at these.

Now I have a huge favour to ask of you. Kathy, bless her cotton socks, co-author of Material Obsession, kindly let me know that I just need to alternate cool and warm coloured strips for the other squares. Now I have no idea which fabrics are cool and which are not. I do know which are pretty and what colours I like best, but clearly that's not going to help? Please Heeelp!!!

Oh look what I've just worked out! Bold and italics. I'm getting so fancy!!!

Well these are my fabrics. Hopefully when blown up, the photo I mean, not actually blown away if you please, you will be able to see them better. The colours look pretty true to me.
Actually if you look here you will see them in full glory. Yes that's much better. Oh it is so nice to see them all again, in one piece before being cut up.

I'm all excited again. I'm taking the big girls to see Mamma Mia at the movies tomorrow evening. I've not see it and they are having a replay of it for a week. How great is that? I have had the ABBA music up loud this morning and it's so energising. We were all dancing and singing and having a lovely time getting ready for school. The little one was so cute joining in. Awe, they are too cute at two aren't they?

Right off to make a shopping list. It's that dreaded time of week again when all the food has run out! Have a great weekend and listen to ABBA for me.


DivertiCreando said...

Hi sarah,
I'm coming to you from the Elisa's blog (Country Nanny)....
I'm in the Fiona's advent swap too ^^
Nice to meet you! I'm going to add your blog on my list... I hope to see you soon!!!
Come on my blog if you want... it will be a pleasure for me :)
sorry for my bad english...... kisses

Lululiz said...

I'm glad you had such a great time at the musical, and didn't get stressed with all those excited kiddlies.

Flowers are looking great!

Floss said...

What fun you're having! Thanks for your welcome back - it's been lovely to be away, but having a way to share it when I get back lets the fun continue!

I think that warm colours are fire and sunshine colours - red, yellow, orange, pink and brown. Cool colours are water and ice - blues, greens and whites. Cream or black could go either way, I guess! Do you think that's right?

I'll try to remember to listen to ABBA for you - the boys love kitch oldies, so they should have fun too!