Monday, 24 August 2009

A New Dress

On the spur of the moment last night, I decided to use a lovely piece of fabric I bought at the beginning of winter. It was going to be a dress for No. 3 and a skirt for No. 4. Well the dress is done and currently being fashioned by a very pleased little girl.

Not an original idea I'm afraid, copied from a dress she already has. We call it an apron dress as that's just what it looks like from the front. Only difference is that it has a back skirt too. So easy and cute.

The only two matching buttons I could find were light pink which looks quite nice really. Oh the buttonholes on my fancy new machine are just a breeze to do. And they all come out exactly the same size too which is a huge bonus!

Now I have been meaning to do this little job for a few days now. Denise from A Bun Can Dance has given me a lovely award, which I must add to my side bar. Thank you so much! But now I have to tell the world about my five greatest obsessions. Goodness only five?!! OK I do obsess now and then but they usually only stay around for a short while (unless you have to live with me and then they seem so very much longer).

An ongoing obsession I do have, and I am reminded of it most days but especially after supermarket shopping day, is the amount of unnecessary packaging we have around our food. This is the worst in my opinion, biscuits in a tray with a wrapping around them. Now you are probably saying I shouldn't buy them in that case, but with allergies in the house, beggars can't be choosers and I am so not a baking chef. We do also recycle very well, it's a big thing over here in NZ.
A current obsession is my laundry. I have always wanted a separate laundry but it seems as though it is not supposed to be. In NZ it is quite normal for your washing to share the garage with the cars. How ridiculous is that? This is how it currently looks, so embarrassing isn't it?

Anyway, big news, I am about to give it a makeover!!! Nothing too flash mind you, but way better than this I'm hoping. Storage baskets, shelf, blind, overall tidiness and a new washing basket too. Stay tuned for updates!

OK onto obsession number 3. Storage solutions!! I just love them all! I always have. I love plastic shops that have baskets, containers, drawers etc. They give me such excitement all over, tingly at times.
This is our toy cupboard and I love it. I have ice cream containers with different bits in each one. Bigger containers for sets of toys to keep them all together. Board games and puzzles on the shelves. Nice and easy to find everything and quite easy to keep tidy.
Fabric had to come into it now didn't it? I am currently obsessing over the lovely designer fabrics for quilting projects. I have bought a lovely new piece which I must show you soon too. I try and keep them looking nice and tidy by hiding them in my wardrobe. The jars of buttons are on the top shelf so I can see them everyday. Ohhh they look lovely!

You must all be thinking I am a tidy freak! I think the laundry photo sums up what our house actually looks like most of the time, no kidding! I have realised though that the very organised parts of the house really do stay that way for a long time so I would really like the rest of the house to catch up sometime soon. Maybe spring cleaning will kick in soon? The house really could do with it.
Right the last obsession of mine showed it ugly head this morning. Snails in my newly planted vegetable garden!! I hate them! Luckily I was ahead of them and put bait out straight after the baby plants going in. I found four of them today. There are hundreds of snails in our garden and boy can they sniff out new plants.
Daughter No. 2 helped me plant the veggies yesterday evening. She announced that she mostly loves gardening, cooking and sewing. I told her that she will be the perfect wife and mother some day. She was very pleased! That's all she wants in life.
I know that I've already done five things but I'm getting a little obsessed with finding obsessions! I also obsess about our 2.1/2 year old not knowing any of her colours! Don't you just love this canvas painting done by No. 2 when she was about four? Such bright colours.

I also love many things too, like pigtails, sleeping children, two year olds, Mamma Mia played loudly, happiness in the house, clean faces, tidy rooms, a full night's sleep, romantic movies, sunny days, picnics, yummy food, impromptu outings, our girls getting on with each other, school holidays, ribbons, clean white sheets, good magazines, craft books, my silly husband who obsesses way more than me, friends to spend time with, taking photos, seeing a newly planted garden, probably the computer too... and on and on it goes...
And right now I am going to play with my little sweeties. They have been patient while I've done this - mostly. First I must pick on a few people to play along with me. I'm going to pick a few new blogs to me this time. Lets see...
I will tag these people later when I have time. Please take your "A Fabulous Blog" award with you, it's in the side bar.


sallgood said...

Glad to have you visit my blog! You asked about the Simple Circle Quilt. The circles will fray a tiny bit, but with all the krinkles, I think it looks good! The tighter your zig zag, the less fraying of course. Turned-edge aplique, or using fusible webbing avoids the fraying, but takes much longer to make. (You could make a potholder with just one circle to try it out and see if the fraying is too much for you.) Thanks for the tag too!!!

A Bun Can Dance said...

Hi Sarah,
fascinating obsessions- we certainly share many of them! I'd love a laundry/utility room one day with baskets for sorting and bottles for all the various solutions. And plenty of space to have the ironing board set up at all times, with hanging space too - well I think my dream laundry looks rather like the rooms found in the IKEA catalogue!!
have a super week,

A Bun Can Dance said...

The dress is gorgeous by the way - I'd love to wear that! said...

Oh my goodness! Thank you sooooo much!!! I am so overwhelmed by your lovelieness and kindness! You are a star! Thank you so much for putting my blog on your page and an award too! Am i supposed to list some obsessions too? By the way I love the dress, I used to make dresses for my two girls when the were little. She looks adorable. And your post is fantasic too!!! Suzie xxx

Selina said...

Thank you for the blog award. It's nice to know people are enjoying my ramblings :)

Selina. said...

Hello again,
I must be having a really dumbo day, but how do I get my award from your sidebar, do I just copy the picture?
Sorry!!! Suzie. XXX said...

Oh Sarah,
Thank you SOOOO much for my award! I am absoutely thrilled as it is the first one I have been given. Now I just have to work out out to get it from your sidebar and onto my blog- any tips greatly appreciated!
I think your blog is great and I really enjoy reading it too. The little red dress that your delightful little girl is wearing is gorgeous too.
I look forward to keeping in touch.
Lucy said...

Thanks for the help, I thought that was what I should be doing , as that seemed to be the only thing I could do!!!
Suzie. xx :)

RebeccaMom said...

The dress is adorable :) and it sounds like you have been very busy! Good for you :)

the cookie cutter said...

Hi Sarah
Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog! It is so exciting in the beginning when you're just starting out and people leave comments. I have just finished reading your blog...been reading it from the beginning for about a week. I have loved it and think you are very clever in deed! I am so inspired to make a quilt. I love sewing, but just haven't had much time lately. A quilt shop has just opened in our town, a bit pricey but oh so lovely!! I need to make lots of cakes and earn some money so I can buy lots of material!! Look forward to your next post, keep well. Love nadine

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah ! I'm here again and I'm OK now and I'll come to visit you more regulary from now on I promise.
I have to catch up with your posts ...

The dress is fab ! and I'm speechless seeing how organized you are ....


RebeccaMom said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog today, I thought I would post the answer to your question over here :)

They (space shuttles) take off every couple of months. You also hear it at launch, but the loudest is when it reenters the atmosphere as it is landing... it is a VERY loud sonic boom! The first time I heard it I thought someone drove into my garage because of the noise!

Tina said...

That dress is absolutely precious! little girl look cute and adorable in new dress. Good luck for your veggie plants.