Thursday, 6 August 2009

Spring is Coming!!!

I am so completely not supposed to be doing this!!! Spending time on a blog I mean. I should be getting organised as I am spending the whole day out. I, am going on, my very first, ever, school trip! I've not even been on a kindy trip. Oh it's soooo exciting!!! We are travelling by bus, into the big smoke to experience High School Musical 2 on stage. Wow! Not a boring trip to the museum either, but the real thing. Fun, fun, fun! An excuse for a day out I'd say.

Spring is in the air!!! Yay! See, we have legs up top. A couple of cute chubby ones (squish, squish!) and a pair of slim ones.
Now I have to say I was shocked after yesterday's comments. Yes, deeply shocked. I was expecting to see some lovely comments on my stitched flowers, which I did get thank you. But what I was not expecting was to hear how many people do not hang their washing out anymore. I mean they see it as an archaic tradition!!!

I mean what is the world coming to??? I'm hoping they live in a apartment where they have no option but to use the dryer. Please tell me so! Why wouldn't you dry them on the line? I love it. I couldn't use the dryer unless the weather was really crap. I use inside lines in the winter in the garage, and in the lounge by the heater at night.
Look who missed out on a wash again! Naughty little pussy cat. He is so loved by No. 4 but after being run over by the pram, thrown on the road, slept with and given messy cuddles, he really could do with an extreme makeover.

Now some promised bulbs in flower. Not much I'm afraid but it's a start. Pretty anyway.
The geraniums are still doing well. They flowered all through the winter, bless them. The caterpillars are having a good feed on them as well. Naughty, naughty.
Now look at the youngest one! Really!! She changed to go out to play. Pj's, big sister's crocs, scarf! Why??? She loves to stand out from the crowd this girl. She's going to have a fun life I think!

OK I really should go now as I have ten mins before the babysitter arrives. Nana actually, she's a love. Then off on my trip. See you all tomorrow!!!


Lululiz said...

Oooh, how exciting, a trip to a musical! Cant't wait to hear all about it.

Anonymous said...

I hope you had a wonderful day ! I'm waiting for hearing about your trip.

(I don't use a dryer ,we don't even have one...)


Michela said...

..We use the dryer only in winter when the weather is misty and humid!
I can't believe that your geraniums flowered all through the winter!
Lovely narcissus!