Wednesday, 12 August 2009

A Quilt, A Party And Some Digging

OK I might be getting a little ahead of myself by putting the unfinished quilt on No. 2's bed. But I tend to get a bit excited at this stage of things. Please forgive me!

I still have to sew the borders around the whole quilt. Come to think of it, I haven't actually cut them either. But there will be three strips of the different fabrics making up the border.

I'm not sure if I got the whole cool/warm colour thing quite right at times, but I think it will be just fine. I had to make a quick trip back to the fabric shop this morning to buy more of the spotted fabric for two more squares!!! OK, I actually need 51 more squares, but to finish this part of the quilt I only need two more squares. How annoying is that???
Well I could hardly go all that way and not buy anything else now could I? Only thing is I forgot to photograph it for you to see. Will have to correct that next posting won't I? It will be worth the wait though, I promise.

We were celebrating Gran's 80 something birthday on Sunday. Lots of yummy party food was had. I made her a pink hottie cover but forgot to take a photo of it, silly me. She really wanted one after seeing the one I made for my mother's birthday. It was the first thing I made on the new machine.
And boy does that machine sew like a dream! It's so smooth and lovely to use. Just glides over the thicknesses. No clunking and grinding either.

With the warmer weather we tend to notice outdoor situations a little more. The vegetable garden was rather overrun with weeds. But now I have two lovely beds waiting for me to visit the garden centre. Two other beds are still waiting for their makeover. I hope the weather continues to put out lovely sunny days.
Now I must go and sort out two hungry children so we are ready for kindy. Hope all this makes sense as it was done at great speed. Not so much time for blogging these days sadly.
Hope you are having a good week. Catch up with you all later on. Would love to hear from some of my frequent visitors. I am very curious to know who you all are? Go on, leave me a message - please!!!


Joan said...

Please forgive this ignorant Southern U.S.A. girl, but I'm puzzled by "I made her a pink hottie cover." I don't know what a pink hottie is, but if I had one, I'm sure I'd want it under cover, too. And I'm sure if you made it, it was lovely.

kwiltmakr said...

I love your quilt and I think you have the colors set just beautifully. And glad to hear you love your new machine. What a lovely table you had set for your Gans birthday. Can't wait to see what you grow in your garden.

Lululiz said...

The quilt is looking just perfect, I bet your daughter can't wait for you to finish it.

Oh, just to let you know, my ( very long ) reading list of blogs I follow has disappeared, a lot of other people's as well it seems, so I have to work my way through the list on my actual posts page rather than the dashboard reading list. So, if I ignore a post from you, its not on purpose, its just because I can't see it straight away. xx

Country Nanny said...

Hi Sarah ! You'quilt it's really stunning! Oh, I love it even if it's not finished yet.
I'm happy to hear your new sewing machine is sewing like a dream!!! I want such a kind of muchine too. Does your husband have such a sweetie brother or a clone somewhere ;)?
Have nice day.
A big kiss to your granma.
Hugs :)))

Country Nanny said...
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Michela said...

Hi Sarah!
The quilt looks really great!
Happy birthday to your granny, I bet those cakes were fantastic!Yum yum...

Floss said...

I thought you'd finished the quilt when I saw it on the bed! I was ready to freak out, but you've calmed me down now I hear it's not quite done yet. You do move fast, though... I am impressed. I think the colour scheme is great and that the cool/warm colours thing is working.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah ! I LOVE the quilt!!! It looks fantastic , I can't wait seeing it ready.
Happy birthday to your granny!


RebeccaMom said...

I love the quilt. i get excited when you can actually see how it's going to look too! I really enjoy your blog, but I don't always comment *shame* I hope you have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Sarah, I made the post about the books I'm reading now. I'm sorry that I'm so late with it. I hope you're not angry with me..

Pomona said...

I love the quilt - really fantastic! And I live in a cottage down a quiet country lane in the south of England - for the rest you'll have to come and visit!

Pomona x

Mrs. Cozy Home said...

I am seriously impressed with your quilt -- that is BEAUTIFUL!!!!! What wonderful work.

Joan said...

Oh... a hot water bottle! I haven't seen one of those in ages. When warmth is desired on aches and pains, we use an electric heating pad with low, medium, and high settings. It doesn't get too cold where I live in the deep south (Georgia), but when we want our beds to be warm, we have electric blankets. Not everyone likes electric blankets, but that's what we have at our house.