Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Nostalgic Quilt

Look what a busy bee I've been! It's amazing where you can pinch a few minutes here and there to quilt, and of course there are the evening hours, and the before breakfast hour, oh and the after shower session. Yes OK, I've been a little preoccupied with this little quilt. I haven't had any complaints yet, so I'll just keep going I guess.

Sometimes do you really impress yourself? I don't mean when you know you've done a great job, no, I mean when you have done such an awesome job at something rather tricky and it's turned out absolutely perfect? Well anyway I just inverted eight triangles into the sides of the quilt and got every single one of them spot on!!!
See the second photo up there if you have no idea what I mean - the one with five triangles meeting. I was flippin' gobsmacked to say the least!
OK enough trumpet blowing, back to business.
I do get into a bit of a pickle at times when joining so many shapes together, so I have worked out a method where I pin a number at the beginning of each row. It seems to work rather well as long as you don't sew it into the seam by mistake. Well I only did it once!

Look who got tangled up in the quilt! She sits next to me at the machine on the buffet and I didn't notice her getting dragged into the folds of the quilt. Luckily I heard her little teeth chattering away in shock. Doesn't she co-ordinate well?

Now as we have been blessed with a fabulous day outside today, I took it upon myself to lay the other quilt top out in the sun to photograph for you. Nice of me wasn't it? Well you are worth it, especially after hearing me rabbit on about my intersections. I've come to the conclusion that the quilt is just too big to get a decent photo.
Gosh my heart is racing! I just got a phone call from school and you always expect the worst don't you? Turned out they are just looking for volunteers to help with a fundraiser. Deep breaths!! Having two little people is a bit of a problem with this one, but I've promised full input when the little ones are at school. I do love to help out at school as it's nice to be involved, but two year olds are not the most helpful are they?

Oh, I forgot to confess that I stitched the top and bottom borders on by mistake. How stupid is that??? Guess I'll be unpicking those. Then I just have to purchase some plain border fabric and backing fabric and I am actually going to quilt it then. Not too sure exactly when this will take place. Maybe tomorrow morning.


Anonymous said...

gorgeous quilts :)

Floss said...

Sarah, I may be crazy, but you are SCARY! How can you do this at such a pace? (With mild harm to one rabbit.) I know what you mean about the call from school. Imagine having to deal with that in French! I had a real challenge at the end of term when my son was kicked by another child in the privates (he's fine - the thug missed...) and they tried to describe this to me in discrete French!

RebeccaMom said...

first of all, I LOVE the nostalgic quilt! second, thanks for stopping by my blog and being so encouraging :)I really appreciate that!


Way to get those points together! I need to focus better on that when I need too. most of the time I quilt in a way that it is not necessary. I love triangles. nice job!

kwiltmakr said...

I love the fabric in your nostalgic quilt. You did a wonderful job on both quilts. Nothing sews like a Bernina. I am glad your putting that new machine to use.