Thursday, 13 August 2009

A Layered Cake

Want to take a peek at what I bought yesterday? Hey? Yeah I thought so. My very first Layer Cake. Only problem with these is you don't really know what you are getting as they are all wrapped in cellophane. I knew that the top fabric was pretty jolly wonderful though so guessed that the others would have the same wonderfulness about them. I was right. They are all so pretty, and don't they look fab on our sofas?
Well come on then, open it up and have a look! Help yourself to all the gloriousness which comes from new fabric. Every piece is exactly the same size, and take a look at that ribbon tie! Won't that look great on a selvage project? Can't you just smell the roses?

Oh wow! Look at those fabrics. Loving the spotted ones too. The flowers are so pretty and goodness, each piece coordinates with all the other ones. What a treat!

Oh, yes. These are probably my favourites. Love cherries!! Love paisley too. Little No. 4 recognised the paisley from her bed cover and got rather excited. I was rather excited too as she isn't the brightest when it comes to colours etc.

I am thinking since they look so great on the sofas, that these little delights will be perfect as a lap rug for the winter months. For those who are interested, this pack is call Nostalgia and put out by Moda Fabrics. I purchased it at my favourite quilting shop in Manukau - The Crafty Needle.
I think I will refer to this 'quilt to be' as The Nostalgic Quilt. I quite like that name.

Now I really must thank everyone for their very kind, supportive, wonderful comments yesterday. I hope no one felt pressured to leave a comment just because I mentioned it! I was just curious to see who was out there. And I did meet a couple of new people because of it which was very nice. Always nice to have new friends.

I've been busy with kindy three afternoons a week lately. No. 3 is starting to settle in now and I have left her for half an hour each session. Not a great deal of time for me to do anything constructive, but a small step. She is getting there slowly, but there are always tears. Poor little thing!

Now I guess I should go back to the lounge and see how many biscuits are left in the container. Probably should have another quick look at my new fabrics too! Well then, I guess it's bye for now. Bye!!


Anonymous said...

The fabric are very pretty,my favourite is the top one.

Lululiz said...

Those fabrics are GORGEOUS! I love the colours, the patterns, everything about them. My favourite one has got the be the one with the cherries and the birdies, that would make a lovely centrepiece for a romantic cushion. Yep, still suffering from the whole romance thingy, lol. How big are the pieces, btw?
Oh, and just a bit of advance, well very advance warning, I will be preparing a little swap when I get back from France, arund the 6th September, might you be interested? Shush, don't mention it to anybody yet........

Sarah said...

Hi Liz! The fabric squares are 10inches or 25cms. I absolutely promise not to tell anybody about your little swap. Would hate for that to get out!

Floss said...

Those fabrics really are wonderful - I can really imagine a warm throw made from them. As you like cherries, you may like a little mystery object I'll be posting about later today...

Anonymous said...

I'd love to know where you got you layer cake from :-) And if they have online shopping ? I have seen any at online shops so far (within NZ) and our LQS doesn't stock precuts :-(

Mrs. Cozy Home said...

Oh I loooove MODA designs ... do you know this shop?

Country Nanny said...

Hi Sarah. How are you?
The fabrics you bought are great! I had never heard about Layer Cake till now. I don't think you can find such kind of item here in Italy. however I think it's a funny idea!
My favourite is the one with birdies.
Hugs :)

claire said...

Ooh thank you for your understanding comment :)
Love your layer cake, birdies my fave too xx

Felicity said...

hello, ive just found your blog, i love the fabrics they are so pretty and go so well with you sofa, fliss xx

Mary Poppins said...

WOW, what yummy scrummy fabrics, adorable :)

Thank you for your lovely comment on the bed cover, if you mean the patchwork one in my header, I made it from using up my seven year old daughter's baby and toddler dresses, so much better than keeping them unused and gathering dust :)

Take care


X said...

Hello! OOOh I just love fabrics, especially colours like those, they are gorgeous, I want to eat them!
Suzie x

The Rose Room said...

Gorgeous! Rachael