Friday, 14 May 2010


I dropped No.4 off at kindy. 
She loves her kindy. 
She doesn't love mat time however. 
Still she will in time and the head hanging and the tears will leave.

(The kindy sign)
The day was just perfect for a sit in a park. 

With a wonderful pile of new crafty library books.

An apple and a fancy drink.

The sun was really hot and the sky was so blue.

This little park is fairly new and so cute and round.

Unfortunately they had just cut the grass and it was all a little short and muddy.

But that didn't matter, for I had a whole hour to myself.

A whole hour to just sit and read and be inspired by all the exciting projects in my books.

Then I felt the need to go and see my baby girl. 

And there she was, sitting by herself on the mat, looking very sad.  A huge wet hug followed and then we made some Christmas cards.  Yes that's right.  Christmas cards.  My girl is going to be very prepared this year!


Mrs. Cozy Home said...

Oh bless her little heart, separation anxiety is so hard!!

What is mat time, is it when they rest?

TheMadHouse said...

I am envious of your blue sky. Mini was having issues with group at preschool today too. He was being Silly and not letting the other children have their turn at answering. They are so young nad it is so hard for them.

Christina said...

Little sweetheart. I remember I hated nap time too. My twin sister and I would whisper to each other and get in trouble for talking. Hope it gets better quickly. :)

Sarah said...

Just to clarify what mat time is. It's when they sit on the mat for 20mins and listen to a story, sing or talk about stuff. It's quite enjoyable really! She has never liked sitting still, so struggles with having to do this when she'd rather play. said...

It is so lovely to get that me time isn't it, and so important too, but so so wonderful to go and pick them up again! Suzie xxx

Elizabeth Johnson said...

Ohh I love Alicia Paulson, I can't wait for her new book to come out!

Lululiz said...

Ah, time all to yourself, its sheer bliss, right? No. 4 is such a little sweetheart, she'll get used to mat time in no time at all, you'll see.

Maria said...

Hi Sarah, I have just been reconing up and think it will be another 8 months until I can have me time ! The older three will all be in school then and Clemmie will be able to have a couple of mornings at nursery. I think your mat time is what is called carpet or circle time in nurseries and school in the U.K. Have a great weekend..:)

Baa-Me Kniits said...

A few precious moments of peace and quiet and we can gladly head back into the fray and continue to give to our little ones....enjoy your few spare moments :-)

Floss said...

How I hated mat time, too! My smaller sister, who was put into some kind of double-decker cot effort on a one-off visit to a creche, was found rattling the bars and shouting 'let me out of this cage!' at a young age...

Well, first you get used to it, and then you get too old to be forced to do it... No comfort to your little one right now, though. Thanks for the pictures and story. Christmas cards?

BizzyDays said...

AAaaawww, what a little cutie :)
She'll get used to it,- although it can be heartbreaking for Mum at the time!
I love the kindy sign!
Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog, and the welcome email :)
Have a great weekend.
Donna x

Anonymous said...

oh what a beautifully told story - hope you continue to get your hour to yourself (and little darling will get used to it, as hard as it is for Mum to get used to)