Saturday, 1 May 2010

Spring Is In The Air...

but it's supposed to be Autumn!  The plum tree did the same thing this time last year.  We experienced a slight cold snap and then went back to lovely warm days again and I think our poor tree got confused. 

Still it gives us hope that Spring will be here before we know it.  Oh who am I kidding!  Winter is only weeks away and there's no way it will bypass us.  Lets just hope we don't get a UK winter.  I really couldn't handle that.

I did manage to get into the garden on Thursday.  I thought it was high time I removed the purple Salvias.  They were supposed to be red for Christmas but must have been mixed up.  How annoying is that?!!  You may already know that purple is not my colour - at all.

There were plenty of pretty flowers to choose from at the garden centre.  I've always been keen on white flowers.  I like how they glow under the lights.  So we have white pansies and some cute pompom things.

And these looked too fun to pass up.  Aren't they amazing?  So old fashioned looking and so much like granny squares.  I hope there is a good mix of colours.  I can't wait to take photos of them to show you.

They are all in the ground now, but they do look a little uneventful at the moment don't they?!  But I'm full of hope for them.  They are starting to look very perky now. 

Today I've been thinking about my apron for my swap partner Heleen.  I've even managed to find some very suitable fabric in my cupboard.  Fabric I'd forgotten about, but just perfect for this project.  The pattern is all sorted so it's just a matter of time before I cut it out and stitch it together. 

Have you all made contact with your swap partner's?  I'm hoping so.  Isn't it lovely to have the chance to get to know another blogger?  I've really enjoyed organising my first swap so there will certainly be more.  The hardest part was deciding what to swap, but clearly, judging by the number of participants, aprons was a good choice.  We ended up with 80 swappers!  Woo hoo! 

I'll have to put up a list of blogs so we can all see what each person makes.  Please be patient with me, it will be a work in progress.  Anyway must be off, happy stitching!


Justine said...

Hi Sarah, You're right you really don't want a UK winter! Here in Yorkshire spring is still struggling to breaak through so the garden is looking terrible! I've emaailed my swap partner so am awaiting her response with regard to colour and style preferences and then I too will be a cutting and a stitching! Thanks again for organising the swap! Justine xx

sweet emmelie said...

The blossoms look so pretty but I fear winter is surely on its way!!

It's me said...

Beautiful blossom !! winter?? it is spring here............first summer..and than autumm ........and than...........

Don't use that word !! i hate it !! hahahahhahah!!!

Have a great weekend !

Hugs from me Ria

Maria said...

Lovely flowers Sarah, it seems strage that you are planting things in your Autumn that we would be planting in Spring ! I have almost finished my partners apron and will be ready to post it next week. have a great weekend :)

Floss said...

I was really surprised to see that blossom - just like we've had here over the last month!

I love your aquilegias. Did you know that they are sometimes called 'Grandmother's Bonnets'?

Serenata said...

Things grow so much better in NZ and all year round! I remember my shock the first couple of years when I planted things that just took off in my NZ garden that just shrivelled up and died each year in my garden here. Was quite a learning process.

Don't think I will be doing any sewing this weekend, DS2's dreaded lurgy is treating me rather roughly. Just got up so someone can come and picke something up we advertised on freecycle, then back to bed for me!

Lululiz said...

Aquilegias are gorgeous colourful flowers, my grandmother always had them in her garden.

I emailed my apron swap partner as well, still waiting for a reply ( hopefully before I go to France on Tuesday ). I'd love to get started as well.

JuicyFig said...

the wonderful UK winter - why would anyone not want only 5-6 hours of iffy daylight and the country to come to a standstill as soon as it snows???

I love Aqualegias - "grannies Nightcaps" as we call them - and they seed everywhere!


Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah - I have e-mailed my swap partner but no reply as yet? I have been looking at ideas this afternoon. I'm still very much in the planning stage. Thanks again for organising - I appreciate how much work is involved now!xx

Willeke said...

Ooh, the plum tree blossom is very beautiful! The aquilegia in our garden starts to blossom also.
80 Swappers!! what a huge success. Congratulations and have fun.

magpie chic said...

Hi Sarah,
I was really tempted to join in your apron swap, but not quite confident enough. Maybe next time. I'll be interested to see how it works and what people come up with. I hope you do another one. If you find you don't have much luck with your aquillegias, find an old lady who has them naturalised in her garden and just ask her if you can dig some up. Now's the perfect time to do it (in NZ). I'm busy chopping mine up and spreading them around at the moment. I got mine from a neighbour, but i haven't has much luck with shop bought ones. If they'd survive I'd mail you some, but i don't think they would make it all the way from the Naki.

Anonymous said...

isn't that bloom lovely? Poor wee confused tree! Thanks so much for arranging the apron swap - it's all very exciting (and my first swap)! Joanna