Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Mummy Monday's

Our littlest girl is Sophie.  I can't do Mummy Monday's calling her No.4 now can I?  She's the real baby in our family but is starting to grow up a little finally.  It's time for her to start experiencing the world a little more so on Monday's she and I are going to do interesting things together while her three big sisters are at school.  She was a little shocked about going out to do something special and I kept the destination a surprise. 

So where did we go?  Well we started by sitting on a lovely new park bench.  Pussy Cat was allowed on this adventure as well.  You might enjoy seeing a little more of New Zealand too, in the photos.

We found some lovely twisting paths to run along.  Well I didn't do any running as I have a windmill running style apparently.  Didn't want to make a spectacle of myself now did I?

Sophie found a wonderful tree that she was keen to climb.

Umm...  it's a bit tricky, she said.  I should say so!

And around the corner, with great excitement, to the duck pond.  It's such a pretty area with the tall trees and native planting. 

Oh no, not the birds with the big feet she screamed.  She can talk!  Her feet are huge.  The Pukekos are native to NZ and jolly annoying at times.  They do some shocking things too, like eat ducklings!

Here come the ducks.  That didn't take long.  They must have seen our bread bag across the other side of the pond.  The trees in the distance are so wintry looking, but it was such a warm day.  Far too hot for a jacket.

There's something very lovely about feeding the ducks.  It's such a treat thing to do.  These ducks are only a couple of mins away from us in the car and right next to the high school and big shopping centre. 

We worked out which were the mummy ducks and which were the daddy ducks.  Very important.  We can't wait until there are baby ducklings in the spring.

And you can't go out and not have a little picnic now can you?  A lovely piece of birthday cake went down a treat on that same park bench.
What a fun and happy outing for our first time.  I'll have to get planning for next Monday now.

I'd also like to say a huge thank you for all your very kind comments on my last post.  I'll not have time to respond to all of them sorry, but I really did enjoy them.  You are all so sweet and say such nice things.  And I'm pleased to be able to tell you that school went very well.  We had a short wet cuddle, but after a few minutes she was perfectly fine and went off to do some co-ordination skills with the class.  (Let's hope she doesn't take after her mother in this area!)  Her teacher was very pleased with her at the end of her first day and she was perfectly fine saying goodbye this morning.  What a big girl she is. 

Now we tackle afternoon kindy today with Sophie!


Andi said...

Sounds lovely!
Where are we going next Monday I wonder?

TheMadHouse said...

Pleased to meet you Sophie. It sounds like you have had a very speical day with your mummy. Enjoy, I can not believe that mini will be going to school in September (4 seems so young)

Mel said...

Oh gorgeous!
My older boy has just started school himself that leaves me and Mr J (18 months) with time to fill in during the day. Although most of his time is spent running away at the moment!

Sarah said...

Oh dear, all these lovely children leaving the nest! It's lucky I still have one to hold on to for a while yet. I think the last one might be a bit luckier than the others! We might have to keep these outings a bit quiet from the others.

clare's craftroom said...

Oh what a lovely post . My 12 yo daughter didn't want to hold my hand when we were out last week , sob ! Hold hands while you can !

sallgood said...

thanks for sharing a "day in the life, and a bit more of NZ! We'd love to visit there someday!

Maria said...

What a lovely park ! and nice weather to explore it in... I hope Sophie has a great afternoon at nursery (Kindy !)..:)

Nadine said...

Love your kids names! So pretty.
What a special time, I miss that now that they are all at school.

Sally said...

What a lovely day!
... and yes - that tree does look rather tricky to climb even if she does have big feet.

BizzyDays said...

Hi, I just thought I'd say hello as I've recently found your blog :)
What lovely, lucky girls you have..
I think your cake on your previous post is truly a work of art..how on earth did you get all the different colours in there without them all mixing together? I think it's fab :0)
Little Sophie is a lucky girl to get you all to herself for one day a week..
Sometimes as Mums we have to spread ourselves a bit thin don't we..?
You've got a lovely blog..
Hope you don't mind me popping in..
Kind regards,

Mrs. Cozy Home said...

What a wonderful day, and what gorgeous scenery!!!

Love Sophie's kitty, my little daughter has a cloth babydoll she takes on all her adventures :)