Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Mummy Monday's

We were a little short of time this Monday due to birthday shopping.  But since Sophie has started kindy she has developed a constant whine.  Doesn't that sound lovely?  Want to borrow her?  Anyway a trip to the park next door was in order, for sanity reasons.

Someone was sure in a hurry!  I have a feeling she was wearing these trousers in last Monday's posting.  I'd better be careful about that.  You might think she only has one outfit!

So we hung out at the playgound for a while.  (Ha ha very funny!)  It's very important to get strong arms for the monkey bars at kindy.  I only had one turn as I remember playing on the bars a few years back and my shoulder muscles were aching for a week afterwards.

Our little playground doesn't have a great deal of equipment unfortunately.  But Soph wasn't complaining.

Mother participation is all important.  I have to say it was quite fun, but the static shocks were a little difficult to bare.

The twirly whirly thing was the best.  I was allowed to take a photo of her at the top.  One hand ready to catch at any given moment.

The park was the perfect opportunity to try out the new gumboots.  Unfortunately the only mud she stood in was when she had taken her boots off!  Well it was a very hot day.

Now I keep forgetting to ask, how are your aprons coming on?  I know some of you have already posted about your swap.  Keep an eye on my blog list on the right there for big reveals.  I can't say I'm one of those good ladies.  No sadly my apron is still in pieces.  Yes I am feeling incredibly guilty about it and I promise I will get a wriggle on after the birthday.  Jolly birthdays!  They have a habit of getting in the way.


Allana said...

Looks like you both had lots of fun! Great gumboots too :)

Nadine said...

So fun to have special time together. I fetched Alex earlier from school last week than usual and told her we were going to have "Ali" time. All she wanted to do was go home home and bake...not what I felt like considering I do it all the time, but we had fun! x

Maria said...

My youngest Clemmie wore wellies (gum boots), a sundress and cycle helmet (she was not on a bike) when we went to the park yesterday..

TheMadHouse said...

We go to the park for an hour after school each day and my apron will be posted tomorrow - woohoo

Quilary said...

Parks are pretty good fun! My kids, who are older now (10, 13, 16), still like a run in the park - even better if there is interesting equipment.
My apron is coming along quite nicely and will be finished before the end of the week...yippee

Lululiz said...

Great outing!!! Grandchildren are also a great excuse for going to play parks and making a fool of oneself, lol.