Thursday, 6 May 2010

To Sellotape or Sew?

Our girls did a bit of dress making of their own last week.  Wearable Art is quite in fashion, is it not?  I definitely think there's something in sellotaped seams.  No unpicking needed here.

The hair accessory reminds me of Rapunzel.  The outfit is a dress and little jacket.  It all came off quite easily luckily, as No.3 had had enough by this point.

And I've been dress making too.  I cut this dress out several weeks ago and it's been glaring at me making me feel very guilty since.  Well last night I began the sewing process and today we have a finished dress for the littlest one. 

I have to say not much thought went into it.  I just rummaged through my ribbon and lace boxes and found some suitable pieces.  I wouldn't mind buying some more of the lace for her hemline just to pretty it up some more.  I'm afraid to say the fabric still hasn't grown on me.  But that's what you get when you let your little girls choose what they like.  Why should she like the same fabrics as me anyway?  I think its great that she  wants to choose her own style.

I think this dress will be most suitable to wear to her sister's Rainbow Party.  It's certainly colourful!

No.3 is celebrating her 5th birthday today.  She's decided to wait for her biggest sister to come home from camp to open most of her presents.  That's not until 3pm tomorrow, so quite a wait.  Would you have made such a sacrifice for your sister or brother?  She's one pretty special little girl.  Oh and she's put off starting school until Monday too for her.

I have to say, when I dropped No.1 at school for camp on Tuesday, it was one of the hardest times.  She's never wanted to go to camp but we insisted she went.  We both remember how much fun our school camps were and didn't want her to miss out.  I had to leave her in tears while she waited to go on the bus.  How awful is that?  Of course all the other children were over-excited.  Anyway we made a quick phone call to her this morning so she could wish her little sister a Happy Birthday and she's having a fabulous time.  She sounded so excited which was a huge relief.  Why do they do these things to their mother?!!

Righty oh, must go and cut the other dress out while I'm in the mood.  Have a great day dearest friends! 


VintageVicki said...

I like your little ones choice of material - perfect for a little one.

How grown up is that - being able to save your pressies till your big sister is home - I don't think my 2 would do that for each other!!

Always been lucky - my 2 are quite happy to stay away from home with school/scouts :)

BTW - YHM ;)

TheMadHouse said...

Happy Birthday number 3, wow at not opening her pressies and things till tomorrow, I think it goes to show how great your parenting is!

sallgood said...

Happy Happy Birthday #3 dear!
Happy Days will come to you all year!!
If I had one wish then it would be
A happy happy birthday to you from me!!

(Not an original poem, but a birthday song we sing here to our kids!)

kiwicarole said...

Lovely blog! Just found it! Will be back!
Carole :)

Heleen said...

Happy birthday big girl! What a fabulous creation!

Willeke said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY no 3! How sweet to wait for your big sister.

Beautiful dressmaking, the sellotaped one and the sewed one.

I recognize your story about school-camp. Our nr. 1 once cried her eyes out leaving with te bus. We were worried all day, while she was having a great time!

Jenny from Ohjoh said...

Hi Sarah
Just wanted to say thanks for squeezing me into your apron swap. Much appreciated!
Great upcycling & design work.

Maria said...

That reminded me of making dolls clothes for my Sindy doll from pretty paper bags and sellotaping them on to her ! I like the flowery dress, and perfect for the reinbow party, Happy birthday #3 :)

Michelle Walker said...

I really like the fabric...great pic little cute one!!

Michela said...

I'm hope I'm still in time to wish to the party girl a very happy birthday! xxx

Crafty Mermaid said...

Really lovely flowery fabric - yum! My mother had the same problem with me - she prefers browns and more muddy colours, whereas I LOVE bright clear colours. But then it means that I don't steal her clothes!
Happy birthday to no. 3 :)

swedishouse said...


I requested to be part of your apron swop...I haven't heard anything back from you soo I assume that I am not part of the swop...which I am absolutely fine about as I've ran out of time.
Hopefully I can join in the next
Kind regards
Julie said...

Oh I know! Isn't it awful when they worry you like that! Thank goodness that she is actually enjoying her time away! Love the dress, it is gorgeous. Hey, I think I will have a go at those sellotape seams! Happy weekend! suzie xxx

Anonymous said...

The dress is lovely, even if you do feel like you just threw it together! Joanna x

Nadine said...

ok, I see who is having a birthday! Hope the party is fab, and that you get some spoils being mothers day and all! I LOOOOOVE that rainbow gown....and her being a rainbow, to sweet! x