Sunday, 23 January 2011

Weekend At Our Place

It's rained non-stop here since yesterday afternoon.  Luckily it remembered to stop a wee while ago.  Now the girls are all out there having a fabulous time.  It's so muggy the windows are fogging up.  There are long worms in the puddles too - yuck!

Mr Red Gingham went out to try and save his bark garden from floating away.  He gave up.  The levels are all uneven in the wrong places and the drain refuses to work.  It was a good laugh watching him try though!

It's been a busy weekend on the sewing front.  Making presents and finishing up projects.  This is one that I thought would be a big pain to make.  I can't believe how quick and easy it is.  I do love yoyos and these ones look sweet in a heart shape.  It's a present for the girls Godmother who shares a birthday with our No.2.

My baby girl quilt has had to come to a stand still.  It appears that the suppliers are not supplying some stock anymore to Spotlight due to the recession.  I think the manufacturing company may have gone under.  So sad.  It certainly pays to make sure you have everything you need to complete a quilt before starting!!  I'm sure I'll be able to get some more white cotton from a quilting shop, at twice the price.

I remembered I still hadn't shown you my new recipe book cover.  Remember I bought this neat retro fabric from a quilting show a while back?  I do love my revamped book.  I even made new dividers for it.

The kits are nearly ready for the New Beginnings project.  I spent a good while collecting all the bits for it.  Loving the colours.  Hope the new owners do too.  I'm working on the scissor holders at the moment.  I'm not enjoying them at all.  They are making me cross!  The needle books are finished and looking very sweet, forgot to photograph them sorry.

No.2 is trying desperately to get me more organised this year.  We have meal planners, shopping lists, and now a birthday card book.  You will be please to know that I did send my Christmas cards out last week.  We'll try for an earlier time this Christmas.

And here is a sneaky peek at our new ensuite.  The tiles just went down and they are looking very flash.  Terrible photo sorry, but it's quite dark today.  The wind is getting strong too which is scary.

Later today we are off to a 4th birthday party.  I'll show you the present next week as her mum is rather sneaky at times!!  I ended up making the present as I lost the one I bought before Christmas!  I told you I need to be more organised.  Really I'm very good at hiding things.  I think I need a box to put presents in that's easy to get to.

And that's about it from me.  My auction is now up to $190 which is fabulous.  There is still time to donate.  The auctions finish on Monday night our time.  So for you lovelies on the other side of the world that would be Monday morning I think.  We are ahead of you so I think that makes sense? 

I know that lots of you aren't connected to the Queensland Floods and won't participate, and that's just fine.  Australia and New Zealand are sister countries and we help each other out when necessary.  They aren't a poor country but lots of people didn't have flood insurance so need an enormous amount of help.  I just can't imagine having waters up to our roof. 


Lara said...

Hey chick is it the white $8 p/m from Spotlight you need? How much. I will definitely have some floating around. Congratulations on the auction too. That's amazing.

Christina said...

Lots going on at your house! I hope the water drains away soon and the wind has died down. We were lucky here on the Gold Coast given all those further North went through with all the flooding. There were still a few tense moments though. We had a lot of water in our yard too and were keeping an eye on our local river. It's so very sad that so many people have lost so much.

Your recipe book cover is lovely. Perfect fabric choice. And the fabric and embroidery threads in the photo below that look very inviting indeed.


Virginia said...

Lovely, fresh ensuite floor, Sarah! I'm with you on the organised front. Aiming to be better this year! We're often making a birthday card for a friend while party attendee is getting ready for said party. Ooops, Mummy.

I do love my present shelf, though. Always stocked with books, pens, cute notebooks, CDs for girls' friends parties. Box of wrapping, cards (never the right one, though!), ribbon etc is there too. I hate having to do a Big W trip for just one $10-$13 present.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Amanda said...

Gosh it's all go over at yours! Well done with your auction! That's an amazing amount! Loving all your makes, chickadee! xxxx

Willeke said...

Glad the rain stopped in time!
I am curious what you are going to make of the yoyo-heart and your recipe book has become beautiful.
Succes on sewing the scissor holders. You are doing a great job on making the kits.

Maria said...

Oh poor Mr and his bark, I hope that he gets the drain sorted..Love the book cover and I so know what you mean about being organised, but we have enough children between us we just need to train them up ! xx

Naturally Carol said...

The new tiles are lovely in the clean and white...looks like a cloud in there..quite spacey with your 'beam me up Scotty' shower! Your recipe book cover was a wonderful idea. I didn't even think of that one...definitely one to keep in mind.

dutch sisters said...

Jeetje, so much rain!
I love your yoyo's and the recipebook loos great!
groetjes Heleen

Lululiz said...

YO YOs! I love those dinky little things. They do indeed look great in that heart shape.
You have been such a busy little bee lately, well done on all that.

moonstruckcreations said...

Just got to love those yo-yos! And the blender fabric too, I havent seen anything like that before, would love to get my hands on some!


Serenata said...

Wonderful pictures, but terrible weather you have been having. The yo yos are very cute

have a good week.

Tania said...

He he he. The poor Mr. Best subscribe to a free range bark garden methinks...

'Joyce' said...

Hullo Sarah, oppps on the bark garden. Your yo-yo's are just lovely, and I look forward to seeing what they become. I do love your new recipe book cover. *sigh* another something I am yet to tackle is sorting all my recipes and doing up a dinner roster for a month, where I just choose for example week 2, which has a shopping list attached, and go from there. lol. yeah, it's nice to dream.
I love your little packages coming together, which reminds me I need to post my bits off. I am not doing all the fancy things you are doing. Oh gosh your work is just beautiful.
As for birthday cards, I have started making a few, but need to make lots more.
Your bathroom looks beautiful I love those huge tiles. Ohhhhhh so jealous.
Congrats for your auction, how awesome. yes, I just cannot even begin to imagine what these families are going through and will be enduring for many months to come.

Michaja said...

Hi Sarah, thanks so much for you sweet comment at my blog!
It's so funny to see your girls in bathing suits while here it's freezing cold!
Love the fabric you used to cover your recipe book! And your yoyo's are just great.
I quess I'm too late for donating some money as it's pm now here.
Hope you got some more money and the money will reach those people who need it most.
Have a great week

Scented Sweetpeas said...

Fab post as usual, love all your makes and that sewing kit looks fantastic!

magpie chic said...

Yikes, how do you fit it all into your day sarah!
You seem to achieve so much in such a short time. Love the ensuite!