Monday, 31 January 2011

A Party and a Special Friend

Well Miss 10 sure did have a lovely birthday.  Thank you all so much for all the kind messages you left.  We even took a photo of her when she was exactly ten years old.  It's easy when you are born at a reasonable hour, 12.59pm to be exact.  She was a fairly quick arrival.  Well not completely, she was eleven days overdue!  But from arrival at the hospital, to induction, to birth, she was here in two hours.  
Check out the party girls cupcakes!  What a lot of fun they had with these.  There were some very busy ones and lots of cake swapping as well which was lovely to see. 

The scrapbooking boxes went well.  Look at my baby (pink hair clip one) sitting up with the rest of them making her box so neatly.  She's going to be four next Sunday.  Yes seriously!  How wonderful for me!  Two parties in a week, woo hoo!!!! 

I'm looking at her in the photo and she looks so much older suddenly.  I do hope she doesn't grow up too quickly.  We have just over a year left together before she goes to school with the others.  I'm not looking forward to that day at all. 

Now onto another subject completely.  I have recently met a very dear friend Lara who has a very sweet blog Sew Many Stitches Later and she's made heaps of fabulous quilts, among other things.  She lives in Wellington but is moving up to Auckland very soon - lucky me!  Anyway she's the sort of friend that everyone loves to have.  Recently she went through all her WIP's and decided to give a few away to reduce the feeling of guilt.  How funny, not sure I'd be able to do that myself.  Well she picked me to take over this baby boy quilt.  I've never make anything boyish before, having four girls myself.  What a refreshing changeIt will go to Retromummy's Quilts for Queensland when completed.

Wonderful fabrics, Moda from the Odyssea range.  Well I was expecting everything from the top picture, but not the extra charm pack as well!  I've unpicked her white border and added the extra charms.  She neglected to tell me the quilt was prewashed due to vegemite stains!  Now I know why none of the seams matched up when I added the new squares.  A quick wash later and they match up better, but not perfect.  Not to worry, once it's quilted no one will notice.

Now the stripy backing fabric has become the binding because I adore stripy bindings.  Loving this fabric range so much.  I just need some backing fabric now and it will be ready for quilting.  Thank you so very much Lara!

Now when Lara heard of my disaster of running out of white cotton fabric for my girl baby quilt, she immediately contacted me and suddenly a metre of the stuff was flying my way as well! See what I told you about the type of friend she is?  I can't wait to meet her and her two boys.  Isn't it neat how you can be good friends with someone without meeting them?  You've got to love the computer for that kind of thing.  The saying comes to mind "I love my computer because my friends live in there".  And I sure do have a lot of them in there.

Now I'm back in the sewing seat again.  Well only for a little while, I have another cake to make, a party to plan and things to shop for.  Oh heck, she's going to need some presents too!!  When I asked her what food she wanted at her party she said "party food I guess".  Guess I can arrange that!


Catherine said...

oh how wonderful to be donated a quilt and then to on gift it again!
I'm sending two quilt tops to Jan for Quilts for Oz tomorrow.
Love the pink party cupcakes :)

Heidi said...

You are one amazing Mom, LOVE the cake. Yard work and quilting and kids and new carpet. Wow
any comments yet on the yard?

Lara said...

*Blushing*! Can't wait to see both your quilts :) And I can't wait to meet your lovely family too! I'll be in Auckland for work tomorrow and will be looking at a couple of places on my way to and from the airport! Wish me luck!!

delia hornbook said...

What a lovely girly birthday party, and what a beautiful idea to make little box's, boys parties are just not the same ;-) Enjoy doing your quilt, friends are the best ;-)) dee x

Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

gosh they look like they are having a ball, what a fantastic party!

VintageVicki said...

Just love that cake - absolutely brilliant - lucky Lucy.

Wonder what you've got planned for little ones birthday??

Maria said...

Glad to hear that the party went well, we had Finn's yesterday, eleven 10 year old boys, goodness all that testosterone ! The quilt will look great, lovely fabric xx

Michaja said...

Dear Sarah, first of all my late congrates for your oldest girl!! What an amazing cake you made her! So nice to see all these girls being creative together.
And the next birthday to plan. Good luck with it. Very curious to see what cake you will make for her!
Great you joined my give-away. Written down your choice nr1!
Have great week and lots of fun with the birthday planning.
Love Michaja

sean the prawn said...

Love love love the sewing machine cake.. Wish someone would make one for this 41yr old little girl.
So kind of you to donate a quilt to the Quilts for Queensland... They have really had a bad time of it.

Scented Sweetpeas said...

Fab party idea, may just borrow that one for my daughters 9th bd in March :-) Oohh love your new gifted WIP, can't wait to see how you get on with it :-)

Melissa said...

Seriously...that cake is crazy amazing. I want for myself. I love the details that your daughter added. Happy birthday Lucy!!!

Sarah said...

Sarah, Happy birthday to both of your birthday girls! What an amazing cake - just gorgeous. What will you do for your 4 year old?

And some lovely patchwork there. I struggled with colours for my baby boy's quilt, and ended up with reds, blues, browns and creams. I love your colours.

Yesterday your parcel arrived, we adore it, I blogged about it. Thank you so very much!

Gem said...

I have just discovered this blog and I adore that cake, it is amazing, I'm very jealous I'd love a cake like that for my birthday : ) xxx

Jean said...

What a great gift. Love your party goodies.