Wednesday, 29 December 2010

A Vintage Christmas in Pictures

Thank you all kindly for your well wishes for our spotty girls.  They both seem to be coming on nicely now, but still look rather dotty.  No.2 found it rather easy and didn't find the spots to be itchy which was quite fascinating as the doctors have always gone on about how bad it would be for her with eczema.  Not so at all for her.  No.3 has found it all rather tiring and seems to be constantly bawling about something.  I wouldn't recommend you play a board game with her if she is the one to lose at the moment.  My goodness she is quite the colourful one at present!

Anyway, moving right along.  Here are a few snaps, OK perhaps rather a lot of snaps, of our Christmas table vintage style.  All props were found within the family which is all the nicer.  We seemed to have quite a few lovely pieces to play with.   Is this plate not the prettiest you've every seen?  It belongs to my Gran, what a lucky lady.

I made my grandparents Christmas lights into personal ornaments by tying a piece of red string to each one and tying it with a white bow around each serviette. 

This mug was mine when I was a little girly.  A cute Little Bo Peep looking for her sheep.  Why don't they make mugs so pretty these days?

White hydrangeas from my garden.  They were pink and purple ones too but I forgot to photograph them - dilly me!

Have you taken note of all my doilies?  Don't they look super?  The table cloth is extremely old too.  My mother doesn't think it will survive another Christmas party.  It's a great shame as it's so beautiful.

I found a great many old fashioned lollies at the local dairy of all places.  They were a real tasty treat after the first course.  The train looked fab on the table.  It's also very old and my little girls usually play with it on Gran's floor.

I love this stripy string.  It came off something that comes in bags, sugar maybe?   I always keep the strings from my flour bags too and the potatoes.  String is so handy and it's always in either red or white which I love.

My cousin made the fab pav.  It's cooked in a ring shape and looks just like a wreath when decorated.  Clever aye?

And the biggest trifle in the world was made by my big brother.  He researched the recipe and bought all the ingredients and bowl especially.  I think we'll now be having many trifles in the years to come!

The cake was a bit of a treat for me.  I made it using gluten free flour and guess what??  It's tastes great, really great!!  How exciting.  Actually I must have a piece in a minute.  The decorations were a bit of a quick throw together sorry.  I did buy the icing tree and Santa ones especially.  Don't look too closely as the icing was full of air bubbles!  I think it was a combination of high humidity, rolled out too thin and lack of caring.  Is that really bad of me? 

So that was Christmas for another year.  It was lovely but we are so over it.  Now we are very much enjoying our new toys and playing board games.  Jigsaws are popular as well with the third one about to be completed by hubby.  He's the expert at them.  Speaking of the man, it's his birthday tomorrow.  How inconvenient is that??  Honestly it couldn't be much worse really.  Still I am prepared for it so all is well. 

Righty ho.  Off for a hot chocolate and slice of that cake before bed.  Oh guess what time I woke up this morning? 


I know I couldn't believe it either.  Fabulous it was too.  It's because we are in our new bedroom now and it's nice and quiet down there.  Now I have a whole years worth of sleep in catch ups to do.  I will enjoy!  Must take some photos of our bedroom too.


Justine said...

Looks like a lovely setting for a great meal! Glad your girls are feeling a little better!!

Catherine said...

Your Christmas table is gorgeous and has so inspired me for next year at our place. I wish I'd taken photo of our Crown Lynn Christmas table LOL

Floss said...

What a pretty Christmas - glad to see the cake now being consumed! I missed your previous post so get well soon wishes to your ill ones now, and then the same in threee week's time for the others!

VintageVicki said...

Oh dear - nothing worse than a grumpy ill child :(

Your plate is gorgeous - I have several pieces here that match that perfectly ;) oh and a saucer that went with the mug like yours - except mine had Mary Mary quite contrary on it!!

A very pretty vintage christmas :)

Vintage Tea Time said...

My first visit to you - love your vintage Christmas table! And that pavlova 'wreath' is a great idea! Hope your little ones are less spotty by now. Abby

Naturally Carol said...

We had a mug very similar to that at our place too, it belonged to my sister who is younger than me...probably made at Crown Lynn..was yours? It looks so charming now!

Serenata said...

What a lovely pretty Christmas you had, super yummy food as well! So glad you got to have Christmas Cake.

Oh how exciting that you are finally back in your new bedroom now.

Scented Sweetpeas said...

Love your table settings and those gorgeous deserts! Hope you get less melt down for your little one how the excitement of Christmas is subsiding. Hope they feel better very soon. x oh and enjoy those lay ins you lucky thing - not jealous at all honest :-)

Mrs. Cozy Home said...

Hope your girls feel better soon, I think you did a beautiful job with having your hands very full! :)

LOVE the beautiful pav, that is really clever!

Nadine said...

What a nice idea to do a vintage Christmas! All looked lovely :)
We also had Pavlova for dessert....YUM!!! Now go and get some pictures of your bedroom please!

sallgood said...

Happy After-Christmas! We've been so busy with family that I've not been in Blogland much- but I wish your family a happy and "unspotted" New Year!

Clara said...

What a beautiful table you set. I hope the girls feel much better soon. All the best in 2011!

Betty said...

How lovely to put so many old and treasured things on your Christmas table. The cake and pavlova looked so festive too.

Joan said...

Lovely decorations and yummies. My hubby's birthday is December 22. I'm not sure which is worse -- just before Christmas, or just after. I gave him a surprise party the first year we were married because he said he'd never had a party. Then his mother told me that wasn't true!

Heidi said...

I have been having quite a time with my no.3 girl and only girl with the meltdowns too....she is driving me silly!!she is six and I had to laugh I have given up on the board games too! not a gracious loser for sure, we will leave it at that....she may need a week of sleep though!

I loved your table setting and all your lovelies and your dessert, YUM!

Croap Queen said...

Glad the girlies are on the mend :0)

Very pretty pics too.
If I don't speak to you before, have a wonderful New Year.
Jo xx

'Joyce' said...

oh what a lovely Christmas setting you have shared with us. So beautiful and all the wonderful memories you have. Wishing you and your family a wonderful 2011, and I so look forward to chatting with you through blogging. it's a pleasure to get to know you and your wonderful crafting. See you in the new year. xx