Saturday, 18 December 2010

A Little Vintage Christmas Time

I'm thinking it might be a lovely idea to show the girls what a vintage Christmas was like.  Not that I've actually experienced one myself of course!!!  So really I should say, to show all of us youngish people what it was like.  Perhaps some candle light, proper cloth napkins, table cloths, napkin rings, old toys, old fashioned sweets...  and on and on it goes.  I've prepped Great Gran to raid her drawers and cupboards this week for all things old and great.

Now I have been super annoyed with myself this past week.  Yes I truly have.  I was very cross that I had given away some very old lights that once adorned my grandparents Christmas tree.  Why is it that as soon as you've given away something that you realise how useful and wonderful it would have been?  I have learned that you really have to look outside the box and think of other ideas for using a product. 

Anyway the Gods must have been looking down on me today, because when hubby was tidying the garage he asked me what on earth was I going to do with all this electrical stuff?  I threw myself at him and then went off with a huge grin.  How absolutely fabulous!  Now do you want a look inside the boxes?  The boxes themselves are rather wonderful in their own right. 

These lights are so incredibly beautiful.  I'm thinking of making them into hanging decorations.  Or maybe napkin ornaments?  My Grandad was a great organised hoarder.  He had a drawer or a place for everything and never threw anything out.  Fabulous!

These ones are not quite as good, but I do still love those pinecone ones.  Look at the metallic blue one.

Maybe these pretty red lights would be nice as a garland?  Loving the reel too.

The perfect flowers are already in my garden.  Absolutely loving these purple and pink hydrangeas.  The fresh new green buds are a lovely addition to the bunch too.  You just can't beat hydrangeas for an old fashioned look.

These white ones are actually quite small and pompom like.  Perhaps an individual bunch at each place setting?  It's their first year of flowering and I'm very impressed with them. 

And to finish off, here's a rubbish photo of our Christmas tree.  Well it's so jolly hot and muggy here that the sun does get in the way.  Although I must admit it's done nothing but rain the last few days. 

I must come back soon and share a new revelation very soon.  I must also tell you that No.2 and 3 received certificates for fab work at their end of year prize givings.  Go them!!  And that No.3 is skipping a year at school because she's so super clever.   Clearly she's my child!  Ha ha, no really, hubby has the brains in the family.  So glad it's rubbing off on our girls.  Oh it's all so exciting!  Anyway the family need food once again so I must go and slice the bread.

Have a wonderful week, the last week before Christmas!!!  Heck!  Off to see all the pretty lights tonight.  It's not dark until nearly 9pm so it'll be a late one.

Oh and our new bedroom is practically finished!!!  Double yee ha!  Right I'm really off now.  See you!


Kirsty@Bonjour said...

Sounds like you're all having a great week! Happy decorating.

The Rusty Teapot said...

Hi Sarah, wow i just found a set of those twist cone lights last week at the op shop. I was so happy they were in a mixed bag of Xmas decorations....and I was buzzing even more when i turned them on and they actually still worked? Id love to know how old those type of lights would be, I have not seen them since i was very young and I am like 48 now.

Posie Patchwork said...

Wow, those old lights are incredible!! Love Posie

Serenata said...

Great news about the girls - big congratulations to them.

Your tree looks pretty good to me! Looking forward to seeing what you are going to do with those fabulous old lights.

Hope you have a good weekend and enjoyed the lights!

Naturally Carol said...

Wow...your hubby finding those lights again was a break, wasn't it? I could sense the relief from here...(Queensland!) They are treasures!

VintageVicki said...

Well done to your girls :) xxxx

I want warm sunshine for my christmas - we've got a heavy frost and subzero temperatures.

Gorgeous tree - ours finally goes up today.

Amanda said...

Love your vintage deccies! Well done to your girls! What a wonderful start to Christmas! Lots of love, Amanda xxx

Scented Sweetpeas said...

those lights are just fantastic! I bet they bought back lots of lovely memories for you too :-) Well done to your kiddies for making you so proud - what a fab christmas pressie. x

Lululiz said...

Sarah, those lights are just jawdroppingly gorgeous, I have never seen lights like that. Treasure them always.
I am thrilled to see that you have paper chains on your tree. Made by the girls, of course, yes?
And biiiiiiiiiig congratulations to those clever girls, well done on their awards and skipping a year.

Heidi said...

Those lights are worth so much a piece they are incredible I just drooled through this post....Merry Christmas your tree is fab.

delia hornbook said...

I was ohhhhing and ahhhhing when i read your post i love the vintage lace and the lights wow simply stunning and well they just dont make things like they used to those boxs are so cute. Enjoy your christmas and i hope the new year is a magical one for you. Dee x