Tuesday, 21 December 2010

More Than Just One Day

This morning I've made eight jars of strawberry jam.  Strawberries are on super special this week so I bought ten punnets of them yesterday for $10.  I'll go back and buy another ten today.  Well after the jolly shower installer man has finished putting in our new ensuite shower!!  So exciting.  That's after he actually arrives I should say.  It's now 10.17am, and after having a super duper early shower, so as not to get caught out, we are still awaiting his arrival...

In the meantime I'll show you what has been filling some of my time of late.  First up we have the teachers presents.  Nothing stitched I'm afraid, due to lack of ideas and organisation.

But we do have pretty jars.  Some are filled with strawberry jam and others with a mix of giant and small jaffas.  I've just realised that most of you won't have had the pleasure of sucking on a jaffa before.  I tell you they are a right treat.  After you suck the red colour off them you get to a hard white candy layer.  Break through this layer and it's chocolate all the way!  So good, especially when pinched from the pantry in secret.  Unfortunately the big ones aren't so easy to hide in one's mouth :) 

I bought a packet of white clay at the hardware store and the big girls and I had fun cutting out decorations with the cookie cutters.  The clay starts out light blue which is a little worrying, but eventually it does fade to white.  I'd quite like to get my hands on some fine silver glitter to coat each piece in to add a bit of zing to the Christmas table.

We attached a decoration to each of their teachers present bags.  They looked quite stylish I thought.

The smart looking bags were only $1 each, super specials they were from Spotlight. 

We spent one morning making Christmas cards.  I thoroughly enjoyed myself!  The girls all had fun too I think!

I haven't sent them out yet!  The letter is printed and the photos are done.  Have you sent your cards already?  Last year ours went out in January.  I guess they were Happy New Year cards really, with an old letter in them.  Oh well, my intentions are there. 

I really struggle with posting stuff.  The whole addressing thing and waiting in the queue is just too much at this time of year.  I've still been so busy every day, but it's not awful, just busy.  Which reminds me, I still haven't told you of my discovery I promised last session.  So here goes: Christmas isn't just about one day.  Yep that's it!!  For me, and lots of others, it's about the whole of December.  It's the buying of gifts, the list writing, the menu planning, the decorating, the traditions, baking with the children, having people over... 

I always felt a little let down at the end of the 25th until I realised that it's more than one day.  It's about all the fun leading up to that special day.  So stop for a minute... and enjoy this moment because it's part of the big picture.  Gosh is that deep or what??!!  Honestly I must go and have a big cuppa tea after that one!  Have a great day today, enjoy!


Naturally Carol said...

Your struggle with the post office queues made me laugh 'cos my sister..also in Auckland...hates the PO so much she always gives stuff to Mum to post for her as she has realised it will never get to me otherwise!! Your teachers gifts look great and the little clay ornaments look really special.

delia hornbook said...

Wow your presents for your teachers look amazing they will be so pleased to recieve them. And strawberry jam yummy i wish we had strawberries at the moment they remind me of warm weather ;-) Have a lovely christmas. Dee x

Jille said...

I love the teacher gifts that you made - I will try and remember this idea for next year :)
Jille x

'Joyce' said...

ohhhhh strawberry jam. These gifts are just fabulous. Your little clay ornaments are perfecto and just finish off the gifting beautifully. Your cards are also a lovely treat. Yes! Christmas is more than the one day. It's wonderful to celebrate it as a season. Enjoy your cuppa.

Deb said...

Wow, you have been busy! Homemade strawberry jam is the best. Bet there will be lots on special after all the rain we have had. Didn't make it to the shop in Hamilton last weekend. Hoping to get there Friday as I have the day off.

Floss said...

I like your discovery! That's what Advent means for me, and then the 12 days of Christmas. I agree, the 'one day' can be a terrible let-down. Your crafts are wonderful! The white clay decorations are so effective. Have a lovely Christmas with your family!

Scented Sweetpeas said...

Fab makes, love that white clay. Yep that is a lovely way to look at it, we need it to be more than one day really with all the fuss it involves :-)

Mandy said...

Love your teacher presents. Lucky them! Have a great Christmas
Mandy x

Serenata said...

Oh Strawberry Jam...Don't forget to save a jar for me please! ;-)

It certainly is more than just one day. :-)

Green thumb said...

Ha ha! LOL at Floss and your "discovery"!

Nadine said...

Funny, I was also thinking about the whole of December being about Christmas, not just the 25th, much nicer way to view it, otherwise it is a bit of a let down!! I am feeling a bit sad that it's nearly here and nearly over :-(
Love all the stuff you have been doing... your cards are fab. I'm afraid I'm a bit bad at that and we don't bother! Enjoy the last few days of christmas... in fact I'm all for going through to the end of December!

Croap Queen said...

All very lovely as usual Sarah :-)

Lisa said...

merry christmas
---------- ♥

---------- **

--------- *o*

-------- *♥*o*

------- ***o***

------ *o**♥*o*

----- **♥**o**o**

---- *o**♥***♥*o*

--- ****♥**o**o****








I love the idea of Homemade Strawberry jam.. and I love those white clay thingys.. and I just love it all.. Hugs Lisa

magpie chic said...

I'm with you on the "not just a day" thing Sarah. I love it all. Busy is good. Posting is not, i agree. Lovely, lovely things you have made for the girl's teachers.
They will be delighted! Enjoy your day!
Love jacqui

Bizzy Days said...

It might be 'deep', but it's totally true :0)
Have a great Christams Sarah,
and a Happy new year to you and your brood :0)
Take care,
Donna x

Itch2stitch.com said...

Hello you, so sorry I haven't been to see you for a while! I love the decorations, really chic! You are right , it is much more than just christmas day. Have a very happy Christmas and a fab New year!!! Susie xxxxxxxxxxx

Jo said...

Hello from snowy cold UK. I made strawberry jam in our Summer it seems strange to me that you are doing it now.
I agree Christmas is more than just one day. I love the preparations and time together with loved ones.


Thelma-Art said...

So lovely!! Happy Holidays!!