Tuesday, 27 July 2010

I'm Going Bananas!

It's nice to see so many of you are wanting to make lemon cordial and lemon curd now after yesterday's post.  That makes me feel very good because now I know you aren't missing out on two of the tastiest things. They are so yummy! 

One thing I did when making the lemon curd, was I beat the eggs and left them in the fridge for ages so when I mixed them into the hot mix they had time to combine before getting too hot.  Otherwise you can end up with cooked egg white bits in the curd.  Bit odd looking. 

See my lovely red bucket of lettuces?  My mother bought them at market day on Saturday for me.  How jolly sweet of her.  How jolly sweet of my father who got the job of carrying them home too!

Well No.4 and I had another very lovely outing yesterday to Spotlight.  We bought what we needed and then headed to our fav lunch spot.  The sushi was truly divine.  Very nice indeed.  I LOVE this one, Teriyaki.  Please don't tell me if it's not good for me, I really don't want to know.  The little girl picked out a pretty pink donut for her lunch.  It's such a treat to eat out. 

On the way home we stopped to buy our fruit and vegetables.  Who could resist a box of bananas for $3?  Not me that's for sure.  So this morning I googled and found this marvelous recipe.  I must go back to the site and see what else they have, as it looks like a winner. 

I secretly made them before I got help from No.4.  Was that mean of me? 

I did let her arrange the cupcake wrappers on the bench.  Don't they look great with the granny blanket in the background?  Oh domestic life is good.  (Stop laughing mother!)

The recipe states that you can leave the eggs out if you like.  That's lucky as I forgot to add them!  I'm always doing things like that.

And it's not such a great idea to drop the whole tray when getting them out of the oven either!  Honestly I'm like an old lady sometimes.
This is how many one batch made.  But I made a double!  I want to freeze some and we are going to a friends for afternoon tea today - it's always nice to take something along I think.

Aren't they pretty?  Considering I've never liked baking, or anything to do with the kitchen, I'm spending lots of time in there.  The girls helped me fill the bread maker containers last night.  That's the best time saving thing I've thought of in years. 

Now I'm off.  I'm taking homemade bread and veggie soup to eat with my mother.  We'll take her a muffin too.  I'm thinking that I just might have to make some gluten-free ones for me.  I hate to miss out on all this good cooking.  It kills me in the weekend when I serve up freshly made bread and then reach for my two slices of frozen stuff from the freezer.  Never mind, at least I can eat all the food I'm growing in the garden. 

Goodbye for now my sweeties!  Have a good day and thanks for coming to visit me again. 


Dee G said...

Thanks for sharing, I'm loving this post!! Muffins look grand. Glad I'm not the only one that's a clutz :)

Luisa @ Dance in my garden said...

ooh. another post with more food..you are making me hungry!
I love sushi, and that looks divine.
I will definitely have to try the lemon curd recipe too - i simply love lemons in any recipe...

VintageVicki said...

Am having my blog reading time today whilst having my breakfast (boys still sound asleep as its the summer hols). Have just added bananas to my shopping list - baking time later I think!

Linda Gilbert said...

Looks thoroughly yummy !

Croap Queen said...

Too many nice things to try lol. I don't have time to make all the lovelies I want to make but lucky you getting to go out for a lunch treat with No 4. :-)

Itch2stitch.com said...

Oh you know what you have done now don't you? I am so hungry looking at all your delicious goodies, I am going in search of food now! Yum! Susie xxx

Green thumb said...

I see there's a veggies theme going on here too! (yes you're right, our soil is quite sandy)
Hello my lovely NZ penpal! I'm drooling over your yummy muffins!

Nadine said...

Mmm, those muffins look yum! I am always on the look out for banana recipes because Alex has never eaten fruit and try as I may it just doesn't work BUT she eats banana bread! This is another yummy recipe

love Nadine x

Jak said...

Hi Sarah, thanks for popping by. My, you have been busy and yes, you are right, we do seem to be doing the same things. I love the bucket of lettuces and I think I'm going to try the banana muffins.

Yes, probably 2 blankets and a few cushions - if only I could crochet a new car, ha ha!

Have a great weekend. I think I will, because we are going to try the homebrew on Sunday and have a bbq if I can stand up, ha ha!
Jak x

The Rose Room said...

busy Sarah and so domesticated! Lemon curd, muffins, bread, gardening, to be truthful I am feeling envious! oh well back to my study! lol Rachaelxo

Amanda said...

Bless you, Sarah. Thank you. Lots of love, Amanda xxxx