Thursday, 15 July 2010

T for Terrific!

Just popping in to say "hi everyone".  The weather has been quite spectacular these holidays and we have been out and about most days this week.  You really would think it were Spring it's so warm.  OK the mornings are a bit chilly with frosts in some places, but I'd rather have that than the grotty rain we were having for weeks on end. 

So what have we been up to you ask?  Well we've been to feed the ducks at the Domain (home of Botanic Gardens and Museum), climbed trees,

found out where bananas really come from, built sandcastles at the beach, ate ice blocks, been to Shrek the movie, had more sleepovers,

eaten out, make two pathetic volcanoes, taken books out of the library,

written speeches for school, made toffee apples for the first time, cleaned the pantry, done loads of washing, discovered the joy of cleaning with baking soda and vinegar,

spent a little 'me time' on the sewing machine and having a bit of fun with the alphabet,

and generally keeping rather busy.  And yes, now I am tired.  I need a little rest this afternoon.  Oh and we have the 'T' Party to prepare for tonight.  We have been out to the supermarkets in search of 'T' goodies today and we found quite a nice selection too.  The girls are excited about their feast and their 'treat' each too.  

Next time I'll have to show you what we ate at the party.  And no it won't be pancakes and corn fritters!  I'm thinking of making these into a tea towel wall hanging.  Don't you get annoyed at having to get out the same recipes all the time?  Well now I won't have to.  I still have quite a few to stitch and they are terribly time consuming, but fun.

Golly three year olds are funny!  No.4 has just come out all grotty because her biggest sister wants to watch Harry Potter and she wants to watch one of the girls movies.  Little girl ones she means.  The face and talking is too funny.  She does pretend cross very well these days. 

Anyway must be off.  Stuff to do.  Potatoes to peel.  Fights to sort out.  The joy of holidays is wearing off!!  But I am enjoying having all my girls at home with me really.  See you next time!


Dawn said...

Well, Sarah, your post was just full of great ideas for me:) I love the idea of a "T" party. I think the next time the grans are here we will have a special party as well. I will let them decide which letter....or maybe that could be dangerous?lol Anyway, I also love the recipe on the tea towel idea! I have some favorites that I keep looking up as well. I was even thinking maybe pockets on some aprons? I will let you know what I decide! Have a great day!

Crafty Mermaid said...

That tea towel idea is great! Looking forward to seeing the final product

Maria said...

The idea of the kitchen wll hanging is very clever Sarah, a have a few basics that I use a lot but do not have them in my head so have to keep getting books out :)

bekimarie said...

Love your tea towel idea!
Our school holidays are in just over a week...............6 whole weeks, I can't wait. Sounds like you've been having lots of fun.

Beki xxx

Heidi said...

the time off goes by so quick doesn't it, enjoy!

Serenata said...

I thought I'd replied to this this morning, but it must have been just before or should I say after they disconnected our phone line!

Your girls are so lucky to have a super mum like you. I hope they appreciate you when they get older. Glad the weather hasn't been too bad for the holidays - are they four terms now, as I remember the holidays always used to be 'August School Holidays'?

Croap Queen said...

Sounds like fun :-)

Did I spot the word "cleaning" in that post? Are you feeling ok?

J x

TheMadHouse said...

School holidays start with a vengence here next Thursday and both me and the boys are so in need of it. I love the idea of the teatowel and yes I sick to the same receipes