Monday, 2 August 2010

Shiny Red Gumboots

Yesterday it rained.  Last night it poured.  Today I got to jump in puddles with No.4!  How cool is that?  Lucky for us I bought some lovely shiny gumboots on Saturday.  A serious gardener has to have a pair of boots after all. 

Don't our boots look lovely all lined up?  Daughters 1 and 2 share a pair as they don't often need them.  I'd rather have the cute pair on the left, but plain red is the next best thing. 

It was a grand day on Saturday so we made the most of it.  Some of the seedlings were transplanted into their new homes.  My bench was getting a little overcrowded.  It still is with the addition of another couple of seed packets.  The rain sure has made them grow.

I had a secret little helper too.  Look what I found No.3 doing.  Picking up all the fallen leaves.  She has a lot of interest in the garden and is great at weeding.

She picked up a whole wheelbarrow load by herself!  And when I asked her if she enjoyed doing it, she said "No not really". She just saw that it needed doing and thought she'd help out.  What a little sweetie, and she's only five too.  They are now in my compost heap and under the broccoli plants for mulch.

Look, Spring is here!  Isn't she a beauty?  No.4 is very pleased it's outside her bedroom window.  When she's looking at the stars at night, she can see her flower too.

My mother gave me another big bag of lemons.  Well of course I just had to make a double batch of lemon curd and two packets of lemon cordial to freeze.  And did you know that I've been making bread ever since I told you I was going to?  That must be at least two weeks or more.  Go me!  It's so easy and there is nothing nicer than serving up a tray of freshly made bread and homemade jams in the weekend.  Oh and watching Mamma Mia at the same time!

We had a lovely weekend.  I hope you did too.  The sun is back shining brightly, for the whole week I hope.  I really must get back to sewing one of these days.  I've been spring cleaning the kitchen cupboards instead.  See I told you it was Spring!!


beccasauras said...

Mamma Mia is a big hit here, too, and so is Hairspray (the john Travolta version)!

Fruitful Fusion said...

Splashing in puddles with the kids is brilliant! I want to do that!!! :) I think I want to make some lemon curd and cordial too! :D

The Patchwork Heart said...

I am loving your blog and ramblings about family life. I have 3 teenagers and your tales take me back to when I was a stay at home mum with 3 little uns!Gorgeous wellies!
I love your veggie garden as Im just about to dig veg plots and make raised beds, did you use wooded planks or are they plastic edges?
Are you going to take part in my giveaway?
Heather x

Cat B said...

Yeah for you and your girls! My lil ones love helping us in the garden too.
Nice gummies for Mumma now why didn't I think of that?
Do you put fresh herbs from the garden into your bread? Mr 4 loves going out to the garden to pick the yellow flowers for our bread (calendula)
Cat xxx

Serenata said...

Yummy bread and lemon curd! You are a busy lady...How sweet that No. 4 helped...can't believe how well your garden is doing already. Spring approaching? Don't say that, I'm not looking forward to going into Autumn and Winter again and it has been rather grey the last week and a bit.

Jak said...

Oooo splashing in puddles, that really takes me back. Do you think you could send your little weeder to me to do my veg patch, bless her? said...

What a wonderful line up of colourful wellies! I am all for jumping in puddles. George always says to me.. don't do it! But of course I just have to! We have homemade bread too, delicious! Shop bought just isn't the same after does it? I just recently watched Mamma Mia, I really enjoyed it, a really uplifting watch. Have a lovely week! I may blaog again on Friday, perhaps! Susie xxxx

'Joyce' said...

how yummy, lemon curd, fresh bread and splashing. A wonderful life.