Thursday, 22 April 2010

Things I Love at Present...

My buttons, although there's nothing special about these ones.  I have them in this dish on the side board and the girls dip their hands into it and scoop and play with them.  I think they like buttons too!

My side board, because it's the only piece of my home that is clean and tidy.  I like the colours on it as well.  Very Autumnal don't you think?  Those apples will all be gone in a few days by the way.  That's the trouble with having six people to feed.  Lucky for me they only cost $2 for the lot of them.

Floral fabrics.  These are destined to become dresses for my littlest cupcake.  The one on the left is old and came via my Grandmother.  She loves it which is good.  It's a really soft cotton so should be lovely to wear.  The bright ones are new and should add a bit of zing to Winter. Please note that not one of them features paisley.

Now I'm wondering if perhaps Liz has popped on over from England for a cuppa... I know she has a granny trolley.  It certainly doesn't belong to us.  Now I'm calculating that I have precisely 3.5 hours until I get a jolly good blasting from her royal highness!!

I'm outta here!


Steph said...

Loooove buttons!! Could sort them, play with them, gaze at them all day long :)

Anonymous said...

Lovely pictures Sarah!

I love buttons. I think they somehow attract kids,too. My son also used to play with them.
Oh, and when he finds one somewhere lost he always picks it up and take it home for me even now.... :) :)Isn't he a sweet young man?

It's me said...

Lovely buttons !!!................beautiful pictures !! lovely !!

Have a nice happy happy day...........Hugs Ria

JuicyFig said...

I love the fabrics! your granny had good taste when she chose that.
HM QE2 will have you in the tower! mind you - Ikea sell granny trollies now, so they must be trendy!


Maria said...

My youngest two girls love playing with buttons, they put them next to each other in a long snake across the floor and woebetide anyone who knocks one out of place ! Fab fabric too. :)

Linda Gilbert said...

Lovely Just lovely. What is about buttons. I could sort them all day--- colours,shapes etc.
Oh No BGD--- Button Grooming Disease setting in!
Kindest Regards Linda

Serenata said...

Watch out Sarah, duck!

I can remember running my hands through buttons as a child and playing with them, something special about the memory. :-)

Another lovely day today!

Sarah said...

My time was spot on! Lucky for the rest of you she did it in a personal email! Lucky she's so forgiving. And she thinks her trolley is much fancier than that one anyway, it has apples all over it.

Croap Queen said...

Well hmph! How come you get off lightly with a personal email? I get blasted publicly all the time - you must be special, lol.

Oh, and her trolley is extremely, how shall I put this? - erm, loud is about the best I can come up with. You wouldn't lose her in a power cut.

Lovely pics by the way

J x

Suzy's Vintage Attic said...

I too love buttons! Your fabrics are very pretty. I remember my Grandmother having one of those but it was a deep wicker basket instead of fabric. They are so useful, although I don't have one. My husband not too keen, he says I'm not old enough for one yet! ;-))

Take care
Isabelle x

Floss said...

I wonder how many buttons you have there? I wonder what 191 buttons looks like? I wonder if I should have thought this through a bit more?

But seriously, they look great!

Sarah, I didn't take the bird photos. I feel guilty now. They're just copyright free ones from the net.

And I have a granny trolley, with off-road capacity for the days before we had a pavement, but my dad REFUSES to use one even though I think it would help him a lot... They have an image problem.

Leonie said...

I love your buttons in a dish! I have a tin and I love buttons too, I also remember always playing with my Mum's tin of buttons.. my kids do it now too..Im going to find a pretty dish so we can enjoy them all the time! said...

I adored playing with buttons as a child, and I still do, I have a couple of tins full now, and still enjoy dipping into them! That fabric is gorgeous, what a lucky little cupcake she is! WOw, that is a shopping trolley, ha ha, Granny trolley, run fast! Suzie xxx

Crafty Mermaid said...

oh yum! buttons! :)

Lucy said...

Hi Sarah,
Your blog just gets better and better. Thanks so much for taking the time to look at mine- sporadic as it is- and for leaving comments. Where do I put my details for the apron swap? Hope I am not too late.

Megan said...

It took me WAY too long to figure out that you're not living in the northern hemisphere.. all this talk of autumn!
Am I still going to get a partner for the swap? Are you just at the gathering names stage?

Elizabeth Johnson said...

I just sent you an email and signed up for the swap.. very excited!!