Monday, 5 April 2010

Food, food, food!

Well Easter has been and gone.  Many eggs were eaten, especially by the littlest one.  That girl can sure eat fast!

The bunnies have been saved due to their cuteness.  I'm sure their looks won't be enough to save them for long.

Yesterday we made special gingerbread biscuits.  We found the most suitable shapes from my extensive collection of cookie cutters.  Can you guess that these were iced by me?

And these ones weren't?  He he!  I did enjoy myself.

I hardly left the kitchen all day.  Sushi for lunch.  Yum-my!

Later I decided to have a dig in the potato patch.  This is the entire crop.  Yep, impressive aren't they?!!  The biggest one is about the size of a golf ball.  Perhaps they didn't get enough of the wet stuff.  I'll try again later in the year.  I will not be beaten!

And after digging the potatoes out, I got a little carried away and ended up pulling quite a few beetroots as well.  Well there was only one thing for it really - bottling the jolly things. I've ended up with six large jars of them which is pretty good really.

Now I could hardly put one of those pretty little jammy skirts on my manly looking beets, so decided on something a little cheeky instead.  The fruity ladies have wrapped my beets with great style.

And tomorrow, or whenever I next blog, I have a new little top that I made today for show and tell.  Have a relaxing time until then.


Heleen said...

Hmmm it all looks yummie!
I love how the the beets with the ladies!

Linda Gilbert said...

Thanks so much for cheering my day-- what a lovely idea to put a humorous edge to your preserves .Glad I have found your blog
Kindest Regards Linda

Michela said...

That was very cheeky of the fruity lady indeed...and you were very cheeky too for posting all this food! He he! (re to your question..I just don't like the taste of lamb..and isn't it so sad to eat that poor chap?! ;-)

Serenata said...

I left a comment but the 'puter crashed, now can't remember what I said Doh!

Sounds like you have been a busy bee, and I bet the potatoes will still be scrummy!