Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Speaking of Grannies...

Lululiz, eat your heart out!

Just look what a busy bee I've been.  Most evenings you will find me crocheting my little grannies.  I do love it.  Crochet I mean.  Even though I've been only using white wool for the past two weeks or so, I still love it. 
Even though I still need to make another, goodness knows how many more. It's OK.  I can do it.  This is my autumn/winter project.  I need the fun to last for quite a while longer. 

I've finished 51 grannies so far.  The girls very helpfully laid them all out this morning for a photo.  We all have our favourite granny.  Well that came out badly didn't it?!!  Sounds like we are favouring one relative over another!

Hey, thanks for all your wonderful happy blog birthday wishes.  It's so much fun having a birthday isn't it?  A celebration idea happened upon me in the shower this morning.  It was somewhere between the shampoo wash and the conditioner I think.  I'll have to spend some time thinking some more and planning before I can tell you about it.  I'm feeling a little bit cheeky too, so you won't get any more info squeezed out of me.

We are having a lovely home day today.  Well except the part when Great Gran takes us out to McDonalds for lunch.  Oh and the part when we all rock up to the paint shop with a long list and high hopes of getting another of those tins of jelly beans!!

Have a wonderful day!  Or a relaxing evening.  Or a great night out if you are that way inclined.  See you again when I've sorted my surprise out.  And thank you so much Stephanie for giving me that first comment on my very first posting.  It's like it was my first comment all over again.


sallgood said...

Yout grannies are SOOOOOOOOO Cute!!! I really love the fresh/vintage feel of these!
(Glad to have made you smile today!!) Off to work now-paper mache with the kids is fun and messy!)

Anonymous said...

Oooh - you can't leave us hanging like that! Come on spill the beans (excuse the pun) what do you have planned for us?xx

Sarah said...

Oh Helen you are soooo funny. spill the beans, jelly beans! Very good. But no, sorry, I will not budge.

bekimarie said...

Oooh clever you, they're looking good :)
For some reason I've missed some of your posts and a fair few at that too. Not sure why they're not showing up but looks like I've got a fair bit of catching up to do.

Beki xxx

Kate said...

Wow, look at them all! That's going to be one gorgeous blankie. Lucky you are enjoying the journey. X

Lululiz said...

You know what I call a woman who mocks me for a) being a loving grandmother and b) for prefering spending time with friends in France instead of being cooped up and crocheting squares - ( JJ can tell you, lol ) - a major cow bitch woman from hell !!!
You are lucky that I love you to bits, because even your apologetic email which I just found this morning doesn't make up for it. Humph.

Anonymous said...

I like your granny squares , they look so pretty all together !

VintageVicki said...

Wow you are getting on well with your granny squares - should keep you warm in your forthcoming winter.

Look forward to hearing what you've got planned :)

Lululiz said...

Hmm, I just thought that perhaps I ought to mention that I really do love her to bits, she is the bestest bloggy friend anybody could have, even though she takes the micky, lol. Just in case anybody thought I was being really nasty. Which of course I wasn't. xxxx
Now let that be a lesson to you, Mrs!

clare's craftroom said...

Love , love , love your grannies ! My daughter chose her own colours , purply/pink and white trim , I'm slowly getting there .

Serenata said...

LOL at your at Lululiz's bantering! Great granny squares - it's the sewing them up that I find the problme though ;-) Still have a pile to join.

Looking forward to hearing what you have planned for your 'bloggy birthday'.

kirsty said...

Such pretty colours - I really need to learn how to crochet! I may bookmark this page so I can copy your colours when I finally get time - hope you don't mind!

Linda Gilbert said...

I so love Grannies too !!
They are like Supermarket trolleys other peoples always look more interesting than yours !!
Kindest Regards Linda

Croap Queen said...

Very well done, madam. They're gorgeous.

I did have to snigger though - you've been Lululizzied rofl. Welcome to my world :-)

Jo x

Sarah said...

That Lululiz scared herself that time!! Now that's funny.

Kirsty please feel free to bookmark my page. If you want to make lots of grannies, I'd go for inexpensive but pure wool that comes in a large range of colours. The more colours the more fun!

And Lorraine I actually enjoy the sewing stage. I'm a sewer really, crochet is just my part time job.

Lace hearts said...

Thank you for your lovely comments - the tunnel was a bit claustrophibic, I'll say that!
You're running a little ahead of me with the grannies. I've completed 42, and am crocheting them into a blanket as I go along. I told the children the blanket would grow on the boat last week, but I didn't do any crocheting - it was too sunny and not cold enough to snuggle away with my wool. So given I started it a good year ago, it's a very long term project.
I'm so missing all the blogs. It' lovely to catch up. x

jus said...

The blanket is gorgeous...but salad, MacDonalds and Weight Watchers are words that should never be placed in a sentence together. You should have come and shared our Fattoush! x