Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Autumn Leaves

There's still time to join in the fun.  Some people are still having trouble with the email button.  I really don't know what the problem is as it works for me.  Anyway if you can't get it to work, just leave me a comment and I will visit you at your blog where I will leave you a comment, which will have my email addy on it.  Did you understand any of that?!!  Basically I will find you.  And if you still haven't sent me your details please do, as I'd like to partner people up as soon as I can after this date.

The kindy run was very fun for the littlest one today.  The leaves were everywhere and great fun to play in.  We were just dropping off No.3.  This little girl gets to start kindy in three weeks.  The very same day as her bigger sister starts school.  Great timing or what?

Autumn is one of my favourite seasons.  But this year I've been in denial about it.  I don't want the cold mornings.  I don't want washing hanging all over the place trying to dry.  I want the sunny days back that I'm starting to miss already.

But the leaves on the trees are so beautiful.  Even the green oak leaves are pretty. The acorns are falling all over the place which are so much fun for littlies to pick up.

These amazing oak trees are from about the1850's.  They are on the church grounds where our playgroup meets. Imagine having something that old?

And what about these two?!!  The little girls decided they were a mummy piggy-backing her baby.  And aren't they soooo cute Mummy?

But this tree is my favourite each year.  It's just across the park from us, so I get to enjoy it every day.

The colours of the leaves are so multi-coloured.  The blue sky behind it is a wonderful sight too. 

Well now, I really must go and pick up No.3 from her very first school visit.  It's so exciting when you actually wear your new uniform to school.  I'm sure she's had a fabulous time.  Until next time, have fun!


Leonie said...

Hi, I have tried and tried to add the button, but I think my problem is Im on wordpress and it is really hard to add blogger gadgets. I will try to find out how. Love all the leaves, miss the seasons here in Brisbane.

JuicyFig said...

It's strange hearing about you heading towards autumn while we are heading towards spring!

Looking forward to getting partnered up - hope you end up with even numbers!


Lululiz said...

Rofl, trust you to find a " mummy piggybacking her baby ", lolol. I had a similar situation when I did the town walk yesterday with a bunch of German school kids, a very noisy big seagull was errmmm, piggybacking her big baby....... and of course all the kids had to take photos.

Croap Queen said...

Just think of all the free time you'll have for snuggling up all cosy and crocheting :-)
Cold? Pah, you don't know the meaning of the word, does she Liz? We stoics living in the UK understand the meaning of cold after this winter, lol.


It's me said...

What a beautiful blog i found!!! i will follow you.....and hope you will visit my blog....and maybe you will follow?? ..............i cam back soon !! hugs from Ria

Luisa @ Dance in my garden said...

I read somewhere that an oak tree needs to be 50 years old before it produces acorns...
i love oak trees - we had a massive one shading our courtyard when we lived in Victoria.

magpie chic said...

Your pictures are gorgeous, but don't you mourn the passing of the sunshine? I do. But there is nothing like autumn for colour, I agree.
Jacqui (New Zealand)