Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Little Sweeties

There's something very beautiful and special about little girls. I'm so lucky to have four of them.  Well some of them aren't quite so little these days.  Hand holding in public is finally out with Daughter No.1.  I guess nearly eleven years of it is pretty good.  So I must have another eight years of it left - here's hoping anyway.

I just love making clothes for my little girls.  This is another top from my op shop pattern.  I really enjoy making these tops and they look so pretty on.  I bought this fabric last summer and never got around to using it.  Paisley once again! 

Plaits are also one of my little girl loves.  Can't say I'm too excited about them after doing three heads in one session.  But these little ones were pretty quick.  Did you spot yet another crochet flower?  She loves them too.  Today she fell over in her top and was quite devestated about the mess the dirt had made.  After a bit she cheerily said "but the flower is still clean Mummy." 

Goodness, I've just received the big phone call.  You know, the kindy one.  She could have started tomorrow but I just couldn't handle the running around with a morning and an afternoon session to deal with.  So she starts the same day as her bigger sister starts school.  Sounds pretty perfect to me.

You know what that will mean don't you?  Three afternoons a week to myself.  Well, once she's settled that is.  Oh the things I will do.  I could go to Spotlight on my own.  I could visit the library by myself.  I could have my hair cut.  I could just be.  I'm quite sure I won't get bored that's for sure.

How are you anyway?  Things ticking away nicely for you?  Been making anything nice?  I'd love to hear.


corry said...

Your little girl's top is gorgeous! love it decorated with that crochet flower and lace, so sweet. Your apron swap sounds like so much fun. If only I had more time on my hands... but for now I'm looking forward on seeing many lovely creative aprons from you and all participants!! Have a lovely day.

TheMadHouse said...

I love the top it is fantastic. My youngest starts school in eptember nad I am in denile. I am going to miss him so much

Sally said...

I love paisley too. Delightful top. So sweet.

Angela said...

You think the handholding is over- and then suddenly you are walking down the street with a young woman in her twenties and she suddenly grabs your hand again ... and it is indescribably lovely.

Enjoy your relationship with the girls NOW and it will still be there to bless you in years to come.

Serenata said...

Bless, aren't they sweet?

winnibriggs said...

The little one looks gorgeous in that . No wonder she was concerned when she got it dirty. Love the flower decoration.

jus said...

As a mother of four girls you may never have to come to grips with skateboard speak, but if you do ever need a translator I'm your dude, dude!

crafty cat corner said...

Hi, wondered what was going on with your weather and then saw that you are in New Zealand.lol
I really envy you in the nicest possible way, I used to love making dresses, sewn, crocheted, knitted and miss not doing it any more, my daughter is now 43 years old, of course I am simply still looking young and lovely, at least that's until I look in the mirror, but that's another story.
I have grandchildren but non to make dresses for.
Will definitely be popping by your blog more often

magpie chic said...

That little top is gorgeous, and i love the way you have embellished it with the crocheted flower.
I remember well the first morning both my children were at kindy, I opted for "just being" and it was wonderful. I'll never forget it. Now they have all left home and I love it when they come back!!
I've regressed to making little pink dresses from my old patterns, and embellishing them with flowers, and lace and just loving the whole process. Blogging about it is a super way to share the joy. Love it so much I bought myself a new camera. Love your blog too. I visit often :P
Love jacqui