Wednesday, 6 October 2010

A Wedding in Brisbane

Well we are now back home after our little trip away over the ditch to Aussie.  I can actually say that we enjoyed our time away.  I would even go as far as say that it was an enjoyable holiday.  Usually our little people find the whole holiday thing a little much to cope with, but clearly things are changing.  The plane rides went smoothly, those individual TV screens are fantastic!  The food a little less so.

Brisbane itself was such a fabulous place to visit.  This is South Bank which has a man-made beach complex.  This particular part is a water park brimming with kids the first time we visited.  There are so many different water features.

The flying fish (I liken it to) was just beautiful to watch.  Streams of water suddenly breaking and then streaming again.  We could have watched for hours.

Now I have no idea what is in the next photo as blogger is being a little secretive!  But I can only imagine it is more water.  Ahh yes now I can view it on the preview and I can see it's a photo of the man-made beach.  Isn't it beautiful?  Unfortunately the weather was rubbish the whole time so the girls didn't get to swim in it.  The last two days it even rained.  Not good.

We spent one day doing the public transport thing.  We bought day passes which enabled us to go on as many boats, buses and trains as we fancied.  After travelling up the river for quite a way, we disembarked and came across this amazing playground.  Just look at the trees.  They are the weirdest ones I've ever seen but perfect for kids to climb.

Very near where we stayed, which was just up from the cricket ground The Gabba, we enjoy a wonderful view of the city from a lookout point.  Having the river running through really makes this city something special. 

I was very impressed with the mosaic tiled areas in the airport departure area.  Just look at how many little pieces have been used.

The whole point in going to Brisbane was to attend my little brother's wedding.  And what a lovely wedding it was too.  Our big girls were flower girls and they looked absolutely beautiful.  They thoroughly enjoyed themselves.  Remember this quilt I made?  Well it was a wedding present for my brother and his new wife.  I couldn't tell you that earlier as I know he checks up on me here!

Here is the label my fab little machine whipped up for me.  I stitched it onto a doily.  The quilt is really called Wedding Roses which is quite appropriate really given the backing fabric, the roses quilted on and the fact that the bride carried roses on the big day.

So now that our holiday is over I can concentrate on other things.  These things do tend to take over our lives in the planning stages don't they?  I did a spot of weeding yesterday.  Things got a little out of control back there!  Hubby is back to renovating our bathroom.  Yes we are still in the lounge!!  We really don't mind at all.  Imagine how much fun it will be to finally move back in, sometime in Dec/Jan?  I'm thinking deep red mosaic tiles above our vanity in our duck egg blue bathroom.  Does that sound fab???  Come on, I need some votes here!


Serenata said...

So glad you had a lovely time away and that your brother had a great wedding. Fabulous gift, I bet they were thrilled with it.

Still in the lounge! ;-D Come on you need to be out of there before Feb/March next year...'coz I'm planning on coming to stay the night if you'll have me!

Nikki said...

Glad you had a wonderful holiday. Sorry the weather was so bad... it rained on and off for the two weeks of our school holidays :(
The playground by the weird tree's looks very cool... I wonder where it is?

Amanda said...

Glad you enjoyed the wedding. Is it good to be home? I've sent off a little parcel so Postie will be knocking soon! Lots of love, Amanda xxx

Heidi said...

What a lovely gift and keepsake for them. I think weddings are always fun!

Selina said...

It was terrible weather here wasn't it?! How did that old ad go, "Queensland, beautiful one day, perfect the next" pffft. It was school holidays and all! Those fig trees your kids are playing on, I grew up right around the corner from there. I spent nearly all my childhood years playing in those trees and that park. So glad you had a great time on your holiday and at your brothers wedding :)

swedishouse said...

Hello Sarah

Sounds like you had a great trip and wedding. The Quilt is devine and I love the embroidered unique.

I also adore the view of the through the little window of the city skyline. Which leads me onto saying, I am doing a link-up TUESDAYS THROUGH...THE WINDOW, would love for you to play along Sarah, come on over and join in if you would like to ;-) no pressure lol! It doesn't matter that it's now Wednesday...but whenever you want to.
Have a great week ahead

VintageVicki said...

Glad wedding went well :) The quilt is gorgeous.

We've had awful weather here in the UK for the past couple of weeks - and its raining hard this morning :(

Leonie said...

I am so glad you got to South bank... its our fave place in Brisbane. We often just jump on the train and spend the day down there - so much fun and a great place to chill - and have a NZ naturals Icecream too :)
Pity about the weather though - it was just miserable these holidays. Now school is back its like summer (missed spring) was 29 today!!!

Nikki, Im pretty sure its New Farm park - we've been there too from the city cat. Very cool place to play. the trees are amazing.

Maria said...

Brisbane looks great Sarah. I love that mosaic, would that not make the most wonderful quilt ?

Lululiz said...

Yay, there you are, glad to have you back in blogland again.

It sounds like you had a lovely trip and Brisbane certainly looks like a very attractive place. I'd so love to see some pics of the wedding though and of your flower girls.

I hope your brother and his new wife appreciated the quilt and all the work and love which has gone into making it. There is nothing more special than a lovingly handmade gift.

and NO, no deep red tiles, shock horror! Beautiful duck egg blue deserves something much nicer than that. Mosaic tiles are good though, just pick something nice and light, silvery, aurora borealis like..... Aren't you glad you asked, lolol? Hey, it'd be boring if we all had the same taste.

Bev C said...

Hello Sarah,

Glad your little holiday including a wedding went so well. They will treasure the quilt.
Happy days.