Friday, 22 October 2010


We are just the worst at hanging things on walls.  That would be hubby and I.  So bad that we don't actually have a single photo on display.  Truly.  We have always been this way.  When we do get around to putting something on the wall we end up moving.  Oh gosh I hope this isn't a bad omen!  Especially so, as this Christmas I'm hoping to get the nicest bedroom in the world. 

But to prove that I am capable of doing this task on my own, here are the photos to prove it.  Did I tell you that we usually disagree on where the pictures are to go which is why we don't hang them?  That's what you get when he is tall and I am short.  Pictures are supposed to be hung at eye level right?  Who's eyes?

Well today they are at my eye level.

And every one of them is hung straight too.  I measured them myself.

See these wonderful papers I picked out yesterday?  Aren't they divine?  I thought they would make a pretty notice board of sorts for No.4.  Not sure how I'm going to do it yet but I'm thinking of checking out the local op shops for an old frame.  Painted up and teamed with these pretty prints, I'm sure it will look great.  But gosh do I wish these came in fabric!  I adore fabric most, but scrap booking papers come a close second.  There are so many wonderful ones around.  These are put out by October Afternoon in case you are interested, must have a look myself.

Here's another pic of them.  The best thing about them is that they are double sided too.  These are my favourite sides.  Thinking they would be fabulous patchwork fabrics.  LOVE the one second to the right.  So very sweet and pretty.

Now about the toilet paper saga.  I found the first roll lasted precisely 23 hours, shocking really.  The second roll has only just finished and lasted an amazing 32 hours!!  The second roll was squashed so it didn't roll very well.  Cost aside, I feel that I'd rather enjoy my toilet experience than have to deal with a flippy floppy toilet roll.  So I'm just going to grin and bear it when I change over yet another toilet roll.  Well that is until I get my own bathroom back, then it's squashed rolls for the girls!!  Ha ha!


Dawn said...

Oh my goodness! I have to laugh about the picture thing. My hubs and I are a foot different in height.
We always seem to have a different idea as to where they should hang.
I tend to hang all pictures when it's me and my kids at home.
And honestly- most times he never even realizes or notices that I've hung any at all. Just like he never notices when I get a haircut;)))

Love the paper!

Mrs Yappy Dog said...

lovely pictures - you can never please everyone with how you hang them - it's got to be a womans prerogative I think.

Posie Patchwork said...

Yep, my husband is 7" taller than me & has hung mirrors i can't see & i can't hang anything ANYTHING straight. It's a tough job, you've done well!! Love Posie

Lisa said...

I am tall and short people always seem to hang mirrors etc so I have to bend down to see myself! LOL
We are the same with hanging things on the wall.. oh dear we have been living in our house for 11 years and still havnt got anything on the wall in our bedroom after all that time.
Love the papers... just gorgeous. I LOVE scrapbooking paper too.. oh and stamps among other things... :0)

Kirsty@Bonjour said...

I hear you. We've been here almost a year to the day and I still haven't fixed up my hanging stuff. The house just feels unfinished. I have been ordering up a storm on Etsy, nice cheap and cheerful prints, teamed with Ikea frames. I love your idea of using the papers, so quick, cost effective and really eye-catching. And easy to change depending on seasons, holidays etc. Great idea! said...

It is strange, I love things on walls, and every house we have had , I always go around with my little hammer, hanging things (on the walls that is! :0 ) but in this house I haven't! George doesn't care at all if the pictures are in the middle, top or bottom of the wall, so I have free reign in that department! I love those papers, and yes they would make wonderful patchwork. Have a happy weekend! Susie xxx

Maria said...

Goodness, are pictures meant to actually hang on the walls ?, I thought that it was normal to have them on the floor leaning against the wall ! We are awful with pictures, we decorated upstairs weeks ago (could be months !) and still can not decide where to hang the pictures...

Wendy said...

After moving in 3 1/2 years ago, we've managed to hang 3 pictures in the living room. The others sit against walls or on the mantle piece!!

Really enjoying the toilet roll saga, but slightly perturbed that you enjoy your toilet experience!!! I note I'm the only one to comment on the toilet roll, I'm not obsessed, honestly!

p.s. I have a friend who's never ever sat on a toilet seat, not just public toilets, but her OWN toilet too.

Heidi said...

Your so funny something like that always happens to us too, only we had one child and moved into a two bedroom I'd get pregnant. We built our house a 3 bedroom I got pregnant. phew we fixed that great run of luck 3 is all we can handle and a poodle!

I think as beautiful and as perfect as those look in your new home your home for good!

'Joyce' said...

oh how funny, your squashed roll lasting 32 hours. well if it works. . . . go for it. i so love the papers you have chosen, and agree, they would be perfect in fabrics. i can see a pile of aprons myself. in regards to your wall hangings they look wonderful. we have 1 x large mirror on a wall, then 1 piece of artwork we bought while on holidays this March, another large frangapani print that we bought on another holiday and a beautiful cross stitch wedding gift and a tapestry that i did many years ago, which are all finally on walls. that's it tho, but i do often wonder it would be lovely to have a canvas painted by my boys hanging in their own room instead of bare walls. . . . . one day.