Monday, 18 October 2010

An English March Hare

Goodness me, my last posting was on the 8th!!  What have I been doing that has kept me away you may wonder?  Well nothing actually.  I've just been doing the after holiday unpacking and settling back into routine thing.  Does anyone else take two weeks to unpack their bags? 

I guess I've been feeling a little unmotivated as well.  But I have started another swap gift.  This time it's the pillow swap and I have begun.  Red, blue and pink are the selected colours from my partner.  Perfect!

Now Amanda from Amanda Makes and I had a little bunny swap.  Well so far she's done the swapping bit and I've done the receiving.  But I can say that her parcel is finally in the mail!  Sorry for the wee delay Amanda. 

Just look at the wonderful parcel that arrived last week.  Aren't I lucky?  Like pretty much any blogger friend she included a few little extras.  Aren't bloggy friends the best?

Just look at my new March Hare.  Isn't she the cutest little rabbit?  Her name is Louby Lou.  I love the beads and ribbon work on her collar.  Such sweet little details.  And see how high she can leap!!  Wow I can see I'm going to need to keep a close eye on her.

I love the lion fabric too.  It's always nice to have a new fabric to use.

And lookie lookie...  CK stickers and all mine!!!  How exciting.  I'll be too scared to use them so I'll treasure them for quite a while I'm sure.  Don't expect to see any on my mail any time soon.

And isn't the card beautiful?  Most of my blogging friends send a postcard like this with their parcels.  I wonder if I can get stylish cards like this in NZ?  I really don't think I've seen any before.  It's such a lovely type of card. 

Thank you so very much for my lovely parcel Amanda!  I really do love my new rabbit.  Shall I give you an itsy bitsy clue about your bunny?  Yeah?  Her name is Daisy.  And that's all I'll be saying.

Now as a little extra, can I please ask you all a very personal question?  Are we rather frivolous with toilet paper or is there another family out there who goes through a whole roll of toilet paper in a day.  Every day.  No matter what.  Even when three little people are at school five of the days.  Seriously and I always seem to be the one who has to replenish it.  Don't you hate that?!  And in case you are wondering, I buy the cheap stuff in a pack of 24.  It seems rather a lot to me. 


'Joyce' said...

Hullo Sarah,
oh what a lovely post. Ok, firstly unpacking. lol. Yes, I agree - seems to take forever to put stuff away after holidays.

I so love your bunny swap gift, Louby Lou is so cute.

In regards to toilet paper, no, we don't do a roll a day, I can't help you there other than to say perhaps you can start to just put out a certain amount on each roll, so that it looks like that is all that is left? then tell the family 'let's see how long we can make it last?' sort of like a game, but not to the extent that they aren't using it at all *ugg* that could be scary! lol. Good luck with that one. I am not sure what to suggest there.

Green thumb said...

Ah my dear missed this great post then
..wishing you a very good week..from a real toilet paper waster!

Dawn said...

Haha...loved your post!
And yes...a ROLL A DAY here matter what!!!! Grrr.....

Unpacking drives me crazy so I tend to do it before I do anything when I return home. I cannot sleep otherwise!

Glad to see you back here:))
Happy new week to you!

Amanda said...

Hi Sarah! I'm really glad you like your Louby Lou! She looks very happy in her new home. I can tell you that the loo roll over usage is a boy thing! When I split up with my Mister the amount used went down drastically! Can't wait to meet Daisy!!!! Lots of love, Amanda xxx

Rachael said...

love the rabbit from amanda, cant wait to see what you have sent her.

Its the same in our house with the toilet paper, but at least you get a lot of toilet roll tubes which means you can make things.

Wendy said...

It's only my husband and me at our house, we manage 2 every 3 days so close! He never ever gets a new one out, what he does is leave a single square stuck to the tube so he doesn't have to get a new roll out!

Heidi said...

What a beautiful bunny... I have done magazine swaps before but nothing like this, how fun!

Serenata said...

Oh I am so glad you wrote about toilet paper! I thought we were the only ones who went through like it was going out of fashion. I could write loads about toilet paper, the putting it back on the roll, in the bin etc... but I won't ;-)

Cute hare! :-)

Maria said...

love the rabbit sarah. Re. loo roll, it depends which brand I buy, the cheaper ones are gone in no time, a little bit more money and they really do seem to be longer !

Floss said...

That is one wonderful hare. I love them - they are quite inspiratonal creatures.

Did you read the post by A Thrifty Mrs about how to use less tolitel paper? If not, it seems to have been written for you... but yes, we use a lot, even though we only have boys...

Kirsty@Bonjour said...

How cute is that bunny. Is that a little loop on her tail? She could go on the Christmas tree if it is, she'd look gorgeous.

Loo paper goes pretty quick around here too - family of five but one still in nappies. It is better since we've told our son to count out a certain amount of squares. Before then he used half a roll everytime, amazing.
The cheaper stuff can go more quickly thou - less loft= more length!

clare's craftroom said...

Somebody in my house eats toilet paper and just leaves the empty roll , well they must because where else does all the paper go !

Lululiz said...

Lol, too funny about the loo paper. A whole roll in a day does sounds rather a lot. But then you have rather more girls than boys in the house, right? 5 women to one man, and girls don't just shake and go, do they? xx

dutch sisters said...

Love the beautiful bunny Amanda made for you. And the little extras are so pretty too. You're so right...blogger friends are the best!