Tuesday, 3 August 2010

A Parcel for Little 0ld Me!

It's a funny sort of day today.  It started off foggy, then it rained off and on, and now it's got a bit colder.  But all is good because today my big girls are going to walk their little sister home from school, so I can pick up No.4 from kindy a little later than usual.  It's going to be a regular thing on kindy days.  Well that is if they don't all arrive home in tears after fighting all the way home.  It's only up the road, so there isn't much time for arguments at least. 

Look what I found in my post box today... 

mmm... sounds interesting doesn't it?  It's come from Luisa in Australia.  Check out the inside of the card.  I wonder if she made the paper herself.  I love homemade papers.

And wow just look at what she has made for me!  Two linen fresheners with her own mix of lavender, cloves and huon pine (an Aussie thing) and they smell just heavenly.  I can't wait to use them.  My drawers don't have anything pretty smelling (or awful smelling either thank you!) in them, so these will come in handy indeed.

There is also a very beautifully wrapped soap that I'll keep for years probably before using, because I do struggle with using such nice things.  Silly isn't it?  I love the red corrugated card around the soap.

What do you think about her choice of fabrics?  Pretty perfect for me aren't they?  As soon as I unwrapped them I laughed out loud (which was a bit embarrassing really as I was on my own) as they were so perfectly me.  Thank you so much for your thoughtful gift Luisa. You must pop on over and visit her blog when you get a chance.  She'd be very happy to see you I'm sure.

And now back to reality.  There are dishes in the sink but at least they look cheerful.  Piles of folded washing to put away in drawers.  Bit of games and toys scattered all over the house.  Paper and pens galore all over the coffee table.  More washing to fold.  And of course a nice hot cuppa and a rest before kindy pick up.  Well I'm hoping there will still be time for that.

Tonight we are having a lovely roast chicken for dinner.  I love roasts very much so I don't mind cooking for a change.  I really don't like the peeling vegetable stage very much. Perhaps when I'm peeling my own homegrown veggies it will be more fun.  One can only hope.  Have yourselves a wonderful day and thank you so much for visiting me.


The Patchwork Heart said...

Lovely to hear your enjoyment opening your parcel ... when I get a parcel I will make sure all the jobs are done, the house is tidy and the kids are quiet and happy, I will enjoy thinking about it for a while till the time is right ... then I will sit in my favourite chair with a cuppa of course and treat myself, and yes like you I will laugh out loud! Lovely!
Heather x

VintageVicki said...

Wow even your washing up looks pretty ;)

Love your parcel - definately Sarah fabrics.

All your mentions of spring starting to happen downunder have made me very aware that our summer is slowing coming to an end :(

Crafty Mermaid said...

Your washing up almost looks edible! What beautiful colours.

Serenata said...

Very pretty dishes to be washed...could almost make the job enjoyable...I did say ALMOST ;-)

Lovely parcel and perfect for you, what fun. I received a lovely parcel on the day we arrived home from our holidays. Still to blog about it yet.

Oh and we have a BLUE sky here today! :-)

Itch2stitch.com said...

I love the fabrics, really so perfect for you! Do you know, if we must wash up, which we must, then pretty cups and dishes do make it a more pleasant experience in my opinion! Yes, you will enjoy preparing your own veggies, they are better all round! Mmmmmm, yummy roast! Susie xxx

Croap Queen said...

Lucky you! Pleeeeease use the soap though - as a soapmaker, you've no idea how frustrating it is when people think they're too nice to use. Silly I know, but we do make 'em to be used :-/

As for laughing out loud on your own? What's wrong with that - I do it frequently (as well as a lot of other daft stuff I'd rather not admit to, thank you, lol)
Jo x

Amanda said...

Hi Sarah. Thank you for your kind words chick. Love your bits and bobs1 and I agree...make sure you use that soap! Lots of love, Amanda xxx