Thursday, 5 August 2010

Simple Sewing

Ok Ok, I'll use the soap!  But I still think they look nice all wrapped up.  I'm going to keep it for a little while longer before getting it all wet, but I still think it seems a shame.  I'd better not tell you about all the other dry soaps I have, had I?  Or the bath sachet I bought in Honolulu, oh... about 13 years ago!

Now just to prove to you all that I haven't stopped sewing altogether, I sat down yesterday and made a few goodies.  Remember I told you I was going to do a sewing class at the girls school?  Well that's coming up at the end of the month so I thought I should start organising some samples.  They need to be quite simple projects as they probably won't have a great deal of experience.

This little padded heart looks like something anyone could make look pretty reasonable.  Unfortunately I'll have to precut the felt as they won't have scissors sharp enough or pinking shears either.  But sew they will do.

This cute monster came out of the Softies book which I adore.  I quite like my colour combination and I think the eyes really give him character.  We have plenty of button sewing skills with these projects.  But we do love a good button or two.

Oh stop being such a silly monster!  I'll have to sew him up later today.  He needs a smile as well, or maybe a tongue.  Do you think the students will like the sort of projects I've chosen for them so far? 

I also managed to get behind my sewing machine, shock horror.  I've seen lots of bunting hangings lately and thought them rather sweet.  I am making this one for Daughter No.1 so it's in her favourite colours.  I am thinking about stitching a quote on it.  It looks a bit boring otherwise.  So I googled sewing quotes and found a lovely site with loads of nice ones.  Of course I'm looking for something short and sweet, we don't want to be stitching a book!

I have used my first antique French button dear Liz sent me.  I just love them.  They are the perfect red.

And I just thought I'd be a bit different and extend the bunting off the side of the hanging.  I love working with linen.  It's so natural and warm.  Well warm, mainly because of the amount of time you spend ironing it!  But I do think I could make many a tea towel with linen.  Maybe I just will.  

And just so you don't think I've discarded my newly found kitchen skills while I've been busy sewing, I made muesli for the first time yesterday.  And it was so easy!  We have received some hubby feedback this morning about the honey flavour and the lack of absorbency from the oats, but we can work on these problems. 

And would you like to have a little peek at my babies?  Just look how well they are growing, the little poppets.  The Nasturtiums took about ten days to sprout but they have such strong little stalks and are growing in front of my eyes.  I'm hoping for a fine weekend to put them all out into the garden.  The peas are doing very well outside so I'm sure the others will be just fine too.

Right now.  I think it may be time to get a wriggle on and start on the kitchen.  My little one has a cough at the moment and the others are starting to catch it.  I just hate coughs.  Luckily they slept well last night.  Ok then, I'll catch up with you all later.  Hope you are all fine and enjoying a little craft time, if that's your thing.  Bye!!


Megan said...

gorgeous bunting sarah:) i love the vintage button and the bakers twine. Linen looks so good in crafty projects! have fun doing the sewing classes

Tracey said...

I do love the blue and red together in your space today - they are the highlight colours in my white kitchen. You have got me thinking about a bit of red and blue felt bunting across my kitchen window might be nice..

Serenata said...

The bunting wall hanging looks lovely. I wonder what quote you will sew on it?

Your seedlings are doing so well!

I haven't done any sewing for ages...just can't quite get motivated to do any at the moment...might be because I need to do a major clear up first! LOL

Green thumb said...

Hi Mrs Red Gingham!
How lucky are the people that will be taught sewing by you???!!!
That felt heart would be perfect for the Christmas tree!

Croap Queen said...

All looks good Sarah - I'm sure the littlies will love sewing those things.

Am very jealous of all your healthy seedlings - my one lonely courgette is still being attacked and I'm down to 2 pepper plants. Sob.

Hope the coughs aren't too bad - am still fighting my virus after 2 weeks. Yuk. However, have managed to do a huge amount of crochet lol.
Jo x

jus said...

That museli look delicious... I'm having a nutty porridge run at the moment, can't get enough of the stuff.
Get well soon x

Heidi said...

Very nice...I hope you feel better soon!

Running Thread said...

The bunting wall hanging looks great.I love the vintage button and the bakers twine. The colours work so well together.

winnibriggs said...

Hi Sarah
Lovely to hear from you again. I hope that plant name comes to you. no one else seems to recognise it! Your post is lovely. I adore the monster (especially with his eyes crossed). The pupils are going to be thrilled.
Jenny x

Nadine said...

That's exciting that you are teaching sewing skills... sounds fun! I like the projects you have picked. And your bunting picture is super! Such a cool idea.