Monday, 14 June 2010

Flowers Galore

You may remember I bought this fabulous piece of fabric some time ago.  Unfortunately it found itself a nice shelf and refused to budge until last night.  Now it's a pretty cool dress for No.4 and she outside right now with it on, running through puddles and admiring the rainbow in the sky.  I wonder if she'll come in when the rain starts?  She's a bit wicked sometimes!

We can show you the new dress sideways too if you like.  The stripy legs are quite neat with it.  The more patterns the better when you're three.  I'd love a pretty crochet edge on the hem of the dress but I wouldn't have a clue how to do that.  We may have to settle for some cotton lace.  I'll add that to the list.

I couldn't resist adding a doily to one of the flowers!  I really do love them these days.  Isn't it funny how things catch on?  I had never enjoyed doilies before blogging.  Come to think of it there are many things I hadn't even tried before my blogging days.  Yes we may spend too long searching through the many blogs some days, but I know that I have certainly gained many new skills from reading them. 

My little poppet picked out her own buttons.  She has quite an opinion about things these days, but her favourite clothes are those that she has seen being made for her.  You don't get to make special choices when you go out and buy a ready made garment do you?  It's nice to pick out buttons, laces, fabrics and other cute bits and pieces when you are little, and big too.

Over the weekend our house started to become a home once again.  Finally!  I was completely over the mess and having piles of stuff everywhere on Friday.  But now the two little girls are in their new rooms.  And boy do they look fabulous.  Hubby has done himself proud yet again.  The finishing is perfect as usual.  I just hope the little girls are careful for at least a couple of months. 

So far I've managed to get hubby to hang one picture up on the perfect walls.  I'll work on him next week for another wee hole.  After all my little girl and tree wall hangings, garland, raggy heart, and other bits and pieces I've made for their new rooms, need a home too.

Today the littlest poppet and I have sorted out all the buttons into their correct jars, made a dress, rewashed all the soaking washing from the line, done a puzzle, had morning tea and are now about to have lunch.  Then it's back to the Grannies for me.  They are coming along splendidly.  I am doing the last two rounds of the white and am managing to get about six done each day.  I can see the light at the end of the tunnel now for sure!  I can't believe I am actually going to have a crochet blanket that I've made.  Just incredible.

Anyway I'll catch up with your blogs later on today.  Thanks for going to the trouble of posting about your aprons again.  I've enjoyed seeing a few that slipped me by.  They are all so beautiful and lovingly made. 


Bev C said...

Hello Sarah, A wonderful dress you have both made,yes they do have more fun when Mum goes to the effort of making something for them. You will both remember this for a long time. Beautiful bedrooms. Happy Days to you and your family.

Rhiannon said...

A gorgeous dress, love the doily flower! And the colour of the walls is brilliant, it looks so great with the red bedding.

Pam said...

Very sweet little dress Sarah, and the little doiley does give it a bit of flair I think. Re the crocheted edge for the hem, could you perhaps crochet the edge separately and then sew it on? The only other way I can think to do it would be to overlock or zigzag around the hem and use those stitches to crochet into for the base?? Maybe?
The new rooms look fabulous. Bet they love going to bed now! :))

Still haven't received my apron yet, so haven't been able to post about it. My swap partner says there was some problem at the p.o. So hopefully it will get here this week. :)

sallgood said...

such a cute dress, and I love the addition of the doilie!

Floss said...

Such a pretty post! The dress is lovely, and all the more exciting for hearing how it was created between the two of you - no wonder she loves it when you make her things! And the rooms look great. It's so good to see things coming back together after all the time spent on them.

Serenata said...

I bet you feel relieved now that the house is coming together again...the rooms look great - can your DH come round and do my bedroom please? ;-D

As for the dress, it is I miss making things for DS. I wonder if girls will enjoy wearing things that are home made for longer?

Andi said...

LOVE that dress .... especially the doily (which I never thought I'd say before blogging).
Your girls' rooms are looking wonderful too.
Andi :-)

The undomesticated scientist said...

I love the dress, its so cute. must do some my my little lady (i use that term in the loosest sense!)

My Grannies Attic said...

I LOVE the dress and I am sure my youngest daughter would love it too!!!

The rooms look gorgeous - love the cushions on the bed - they are lovely. said...

I love that dress, and the stripey leggings/tights! Really great. ALso the room looks fabulous, love the quilt and those cushions too! You have made me feel so lazy reading about all you have done! Have a lovely week! Suzie xxx

Willeke said...

The girl, the dress, the tights and the doily are gorgeous together!
The rooms are looking beautiful to. Enjoy! The rooms of my teenage-girls are a mess the most of the time!

VintageVicki said...

Gorgeous dress - lucky little girl :)

In answer to your question - yep I've 5 sisters & 1 brother too - I'm the oldest at 40 & the youngest is 23!

Tell your girls even if they squabble now when they are older they'll love having sisters to share stuff with and just to spend time with.

TheMadHouse said...

I love the dress. I wish it was easier to make things for the boys, but boys stuff is pretty challenging for me. Love the rooms too

Baa-Me Kniits said...

I love those flowers and the stripes together!! And the doily :-) I was looking for just those red buttons to finish my apron....none to be found in my home town! I have posted about my apron so check it out when you have time, I have enjoyed the swap immensely and looking at all the lovely aprons :-)