Friday, 25 June 2010

I'm Still Here

Hello, hello!  It's so nice to see you all again.  Sorry I've been AWOL this past week.  I've been trying to decide what to do.  I was getting sick of spending too long looking at blogs, blogging, and on the computer.  Sure it's nice but there are too many other things in life that need to come first.  I get really quite angry with our computer at times.  I know it's not his fault but he's such a huge magnetic sometimes.  I'm sure most of you know where I'm coming from. 

Having four children sure takes up plenty of time as well of course.  With four to get out the door by 8.20 it's quite a challenge believe me.  During the day it's just No.4 and me.  I like it a lot.  I want to spend more time enjoying her before she joins her sisters at school.  You loose a bit of them when they start school.  No.3 is doing incredibly well but she comes home so tired and has no words left for us.  Yes better than noisy I'm sure!  So I'm grabbing all the precious moments with them that I can.

So instead of shutting down my blog and moving on, which would have been a little bit rash of me, I've decided to spend less time on here instead.  Perhaps I'll just blog once a week, or whenever my time and thoughts allow.  I don't want to just end it because I've made soooo many lovely friends here.  And it's my place to get creative and see others making creative things.  I think I need this place to be me.  Making things is so very me and blogland is where I get so much inspiration from.

I would never have made my two quilts without lovely bloggers like yourself.  And as for crochet?  Gosh no!  Just look at me now, nearly a professional Granny with one blanket almost finished.  Just the edging to go can you believe it?  I would never in my wildest dreams though I would ever be able to make such a thing. 

I'm very pleased with what I've accomplished this past year. I've learned so many new things too.  And I also hope that I've inspired some of you to make something for your home and family too.  You just can't beat the homeliness that comes from handcrafted goodies. 

I have found that since blogging our home has suffered dreadfully.  While renovating this has been OK, but now that I have two lovely new rooms to take care of, (because small children aren't the best at this job!) I actually want to spend more time getting it in order.  So this week I've done a little sorting and tidying up.  And boy some parts of the house are looking top notch now.
Also the weather has put a damper on spending time on the computer.  It's jolly cold in this room I can tell you.  I am sitting here with a cuppa, hot water bottle and blanket on, but my hands are freezing cold. 

So I'm afraid you've got me for a while longer!  I might not comment as often as I used to (although that was never the best) and I won't blog as often, but I'm still here.  Does that sound OK?  Hope I haven't sounded too whingy.  Please forgive me if I have.  Until next time xx

P.S. There have been a few sad emails in my inbox from unhappy apron swappers this week.  Please contact your swap partner if you haven't sent an apron yet.  You agreed to this swap and now you need to make sure that you follow through with it.  It's not fair to accept a lovingly made apron and not return the favour.  Come on ladies!  And please show photos of it when it arrives.  The sender wants to know that you like it.


Cat B said...

I love the photo of your little one jumping in the rain ~ isn't it just miserable today!
Yes I understand - I'm torn between reading all the lovely creative blogs and actually getting creative myself some days.
I love your blog so am glad you haven't been rash and thrown it all in.

Leonie said...

Oh wow! Its like you're reading my thoughts. It is so easy to get caught up in the world of blogging and I am guilty of this too. I love seeing all the inspirational ideas but Im also neglecting other things .. like housework, actually being creative and my littlest who is also off to school next year. I need to trim back my internet time and do other things. Your post has really come at the right time for me. Im glad you are just cutting back your blogging, not disappearing because I love reading your blog.
I received my beautiful apron yesterday and will pop a picture on my blog in the next few days. I am hoping my apron has arrived by now for my swap partner (we sent them at the same time!)

Justine said...

Hey Sarah, all of your bloggy friends know that family comes first and precious time with the children is a must so please don't feel 'tied' to us!! I'm glad though you've decided to keep popping in when time allows!! Big Hugs to you all, we're looking after the summer here for you!! Justine xx

PS: I too am an apronless swapper with a very quiet partner, its so disappointing.

Kelly said...

I know exactly how you feel - I need a day off the computer to get things done around the house - it's suffering! I get caught up reading what others are up too - I have a pile of WIPs and a tonne of tidying up to do. I'm expecting my apron any day now and my swap partner was thrilled with the one I made (thankfully because I was worried!) It's disappointing when people bite off more than they can chew - hopefully all aprons will eventually arrive at their new homes - you did a wonderful job co-ordinating it all

VintageVicki said...

Know what you mean - it can sort of takeover. I tend to write my posts at night when the boys are getting sorted for bed and try hard not to spend to long on here during the day.

Please don't disappear entirely - I love your blog.

I am planning to ease off over the summer hols - more time doing other stuff with maybe one or two posts a week depending on time etc. said...

Hello Sarah! Thank you for dropping by again and leaving yet another lovely comment!
I have been feeling a lot like you lately too, And I only blog once a week, but I feel compelled to read others blogs during the week and comment too, and it takes huge chunks of time out of the days! I don't know how you manage it with 4 children, but I am glad that you do, and as long as we get a bit of you sometimes to see all your creativity and inspirations, we will be happy! I understand completely, as sometimes what with my secret project ( which I will tell you (!) is for a book, my sewing, and the huge garden and getting all the house done, I get a bit overwhelmed lately, and I too have harboured quiet thoughts about dumping my blog! But it is addictive, and I don't want to miss all my friends on here, like you!
I love the pic of rain jumping!

Gosh, I feel it sad that some aprons are not being sent!
Have a lovely weekend Sarah... I wish I had your lovely crochet granny blanket to cuddle up in , its beautiful! Suzie xxxxx

Floss said...

I'm with you, Sarah, in that I'm blogging less but still loving it just as much in terms of friendships and inspiration - that's the balance we want, I think.

Oddly (vey oddly) my housekeeping has become much better over the last 6 months - yes, at first it suffered due to blogging, but then, as I began to become more aware of my real interests, motivations and desires through reading blogs and books, I got more motivated to keep the house tidy! It's a tip this week, at the end of all my interviews, and I hate it! I'm going to stop blogging now to get it back to my own (relaxed) standards.

Claire Gale said...

hey sarah, i just blog when i feel like i've got something i wanna share, that's what it's all about isn't it? keep it fun, simple and guilt free x

A Bun Can Dance said...

Hi Sarah
This is an interesting post and certainly connects with me. I've not been along to visit you for a while, nor indeed many other bloggers either - I tend to drift in and out of blogland lately.
I'm all in favour of blogging as and when it feels right and so I find I either blog on consecutive days - or hardly at all! But there should never be any sense of guilt for not blogging, that much is true!
And there are always times in our lives when there is just so much pull on our time by family/home etc that this virtual world has to take second (or 22nd!) place, doesn't it??
Enjoy your house-tending and keep warm!
Happy days to you,
Denise x

mad about bags said...

hi sarah
i think your post sums up all of us at sometime or another and its lovely to know we are not alone in thinking and feeling this way, and I too love the community that blogging brings and I love the fact that you can dip in and out whenever you like and there is always a welcome smile(okay a comment) waiting!!
I hope you don't mind but i mentioned your blog over at mine and also posted a picture of your granny square blanket as one of my crochet aspirations!!!
hope you a have a great day
take care

jms said...

hello, I am joy, and now following you from UK. I was wondering why you were saying it was so cold, when its really hot here!!
love your crocheting, I am now doing the same, blankets for my best friends for xmas.
I have 4 boys, all grown up now, it is SO important to spend time with them, they grow so quickly and are gone off into the big wide world before you know it.
hope to read your blog again soon.

Lululiz said...

Glad to hear that you are staying in blogland, woohoo. You know we would all miss you. Hmm, on second thoughts......... xxx

As to the apron swap, I am glad MOST people had a great swap. Me? Lets not go there, sigh.

sallgood said...

Balance is the key! Life has so many choices- and how to spend that precious timme is at the heart of it! Enjoy your little ones, and even enjoy cleaning your house!
(A favorite quote of mine, from the book Gift from the Sea, by Ann Morrow Lindbergh: "And when I cannot write a poem, I'll make bisquits and feel just as pleased."

All the Best!!!

My Grannies Attic said...

I know exactly how you feel - having four children age 8 and under AND I have only just started blogging!!! I have spent hours on here recently but have decided to perhaps just blog once a week and put all my news in that one blog.

Glad to hear you are continuing to blog because I must admit you are one of my favourite bloggers!!!

Kerry xxxx

TheMadHouse said...

I am a firm believer in RL coming first. My reading and commenting will go down in the summer when the boys are at home. It has too, I woulf rather spend that time with them!

Anonymous said...

I completely understand the sentiment, but am pleased you will still continue with the blog. I limit mine to twice a week, and checking everyone elses just once a week which seems to work. Though I don't have 4 out of the house by 8.20 (an impressive feat) Have a lovely weekend with your family.

Joan said...

We all have to make choices, and one should never apologize for choosing family and home first. But I'm glad you're back, however often feels right to you.

Fruitful Fusion said...

I know exactly what you mean but I'm glad you haven't shut your blog down! Blogging shouldn't take over real life and it's perfectly fine for you blog when you can and feel like it!

ecoMILF said...

Totally understandable. Hope you find a nice balance soon. Loving those crochet blankets. Enjoy some one on one with number 4! xo m.

Green thumb said...

Hello Auckland, here is Venice speaking! Ha ha!
Hi my lovely friend, I'm glad that you finally hunted me out! Sorry for not being much around lately, but I was nearly to stop blogging thanks to a few stupid people, that's why I have a new home :(
Thank you so much for your lovely Birthday wishes, the pre-Birthday weekend was a great one as you've probably read on my blog, I met up with Juanita Tortilla! ..I've noticed that a certain lady has become very're so pretty!
I've enjoyed a lot seeing all the aprons swapped in Blogland, you've done such an impressive job!
Love to you and your family xxx

Melissa said...

Always trying to balance also. Glad you are back though. Love the granny squares!

Nadine said...

The magnetic powers of the computer are quite ridiculous actually! It is quite freeing to spend a computer/blog reading free day! My mom always used to say that too much of a good thing can be bad! Well, I agree with you about all the positives and being so inspired etc, but there needs to be some balance hey? Enjoy your time with your kids, such precious years! Glad you aren't disappearing altogether, I would be sad to not read about all the fun things you make! Loving the blanket xx

'Joyce' said...

ohhhhhh so true, so very, very true. My blogging has sort of consumed me of late, but going to take a step back as we are on holidays in a few hours time and I want to treasure that time with my rapidly growing kids. (Yikes, they grow too quick). You have some beautiful granny rugs, and I seem to be sitting here nodding my head at your post, all of it. I have also met (like yourself) some wonderful new friends through blogging and the crochet and knitting I have gotten done through that is wonderful, and I want it to continue.

So glad to hear that you are not leaving blog land, but just spreading yourself out a little more.

Enjoy your break and look forward to seeing snippets again soon.

RebeccaMom said...

I am with you on the computer taking over! I have taken a step back too. Your will never get that time back with your children. I'm glad you are making time to enjoy that :)

I will look forward to reading your blog when you post :)

Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day too. I have been a "slow" blogger lately :) But I have been enjoying my children as well!