Sunday, 22 May 2011

The Last Birthday!!!

Yep that's us done and dusted for all the girls birthdays this year!!  Yee ha I say.  Although I do love bits of them.  Like the cake decorating bit.  And the planning part.  And maybe the buying of serviettes and finding a theme perhaps.  So it's not too bad I guess, but it is exhausting having them so close together.

Anyway this birthday was for No.1, Molly.  She turned the very grand age of 12 on Friday 20th.  My goodness it's starting to make us sound OLD suddenly.  So we had a little family afternoon tea.  Sponge cake provided by Nana.  The real deal too!  Dropped on the floor after baking kinda deal!!  Not really sure why that's so important but it sure does sound impressive.  And boy did it taste fabulous.  I've just had a sneaky piece actually!  There's still a couple of pieces left if you want to drop by.

On the Saturday Molly invited a couple of friends over for a movie night.  It was very sweet and most enjoyable.  Such sweet girls.  So this is the cake we made...

The idea is that you break open the chocolate layer and there is a cake covered in treasure underneath.  Well as I said, that's the theory!!  The reality is, is that the chocolate was rather thick and rather impossible to break without damage to the plate.  So she just attacked it instead with her hands.  It sure did look pretty though - to start with I mean!  The big girls and I spent a good hour painstakingly decorating it will all those smarties and rainbow drops. 

And now that it's all over, I'm in relaxation mode.  What I mean is, I plan to be relaxing sometime this week.  Today I Autumn-cleaned a small child's room, shopped for new bedding for two girls, made two beds, did a bit of decluttering, several loads of washing, made too many meals, ironed four shirts, shined the sink, make laundry clay, made and used dishwasher powder (absolutely brilliant recipe will follow at another date!) and ate sponge cake of course.  After this I'm going to find a book and read until bed time.

Now do you want a great read yourself?  This library book was passed on to me by my mother and neither of us could put it down.  It's such a good book.  It's one of those suspense ones with a clever ending.  I've asked my mother to check out the library for her first novel.  I'm sure it should be just as good. 

OK my dears, I hope you are all good and enjoying a bit of relaxing time yourselves.  Grab a book and sit down with a piece of cake if you are so inclined.  You are more than welcome to have a glass of wine with it if that's your thing. Or a good old cuppa tea if it's before 10am!  See you later!!  Yep with that recipe I promise.  Remind me if I get forgetful.  Bye!


mar said...

helloooo nice cakes, i want to have 12 years old

moonstruckcreations said...

Lovely cake - bet it didnt last long!

Im sure you all had a super day.

Although I love the kids birthdays. I agree that there is always a slight tinge of relief when all the planning etc is over!


Serenata said...

A very happy birthday to Molly! Okay a bit late, but the birthday wishes are still meant from heart.

Naughty you having some sponge cake! Hope you didn't suffer any side effects.

Doesn't sound restful, you have been so busy you put me to shame. Right that's it, I am going to go and put a good hours effort into clearing/cleaning or tidying something!

Kirsty@Bonjour said...

The chocolate one sure is gorgeous, but I am such a fan of a fresh sponge cake. Yum! Well done on surviving the birthday run - until next year!

sallgood said...

Belated Birthday Greetings! Cute cake too! I don't know about dropping a sponge cake...does it change the texture??? I've started about 5 books right now, all non-fiction. A couple are really too hard for me, but I kind of like the challenge! (Physics, brain research stuff...)But since I'm reading it for fun, I don't worry that much of it goes right over my head!! :D

RebeccaMom said...

My Mollie will be 12 in a couple of weeks! I love the cakes and need o get going on what cake we will have:)

delia hornbook said...

aawww happy birthday Molly, cakes look fab ;-)) Molly you share the same brithday as my little son who was 11. Have a great week, dee x

Angela said...

that is one fabulous chocolate cake. wow!
ps why is my word verification "Brian" - who is Brian?!

Michela said...

Happy belated birthday to your gorgeous little girls then!
Wow, the spotty chocolate "bomb" looks utterly delicious!!!

Fruitful Fusion said...

Lovely cake! I'm sure the girls enjoyed themselves. My girls would love a girly party with a great cake like that! And I need to put that book on my list. I'm always looking for a good book!