Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Gifts For the Mums

This is my last post about the 'Gifts of Love' Appeal.  I couldn't have done it without all your help my dear friends and family.  Thank you hugely to Cat for helping me and for organising donations of soap and tea for the mum's presents.  Oh and for finding me a music group to send all these wonderful gifts to. 

These very beautiful cloths were made by a friend of a friend.  Thank you so very much Lisa, they are fabulous and so well made. 

These Blue Earth Soaps are locally made in Christchurch and were generously donated by Cat for our appeal.  Thank you so much Cat, they are the prettiest soaps and they look wonderful!

I decorated these Eco Store soaps for some of the ladies.  The room smelt heavenly when the girls and I were packaging them all up.

Prettily boxed tea from Oliveria was kindly donated by Lynn.  Cat is clearly very good at rounding up goods for a good cause!  I must remember that in the future.  Wouldn't she be the BEST on a school committee?!!

Here are my helpers doing a sterling job of getting all these bits and pieces in bags.  We thought we had finished until I found the box of tissue covers!!!  Oh bother!  Just as well the cellophane bags were resealable.

And finally 35 gift packs, packed and ready to go.

One huge hug for good measure and then out the door to Cat's hubby's work for dispatch.  What a good man he is!

Now I must show you a few extras that Joyce sent.  Check out these wonderfully colourful scarves! 

Doesn't No.2 look cute in one of them?  The funny thing is, when I took this photo a couple of weeks back, a scarf was completely the wrong piece of clothing for the weather, but now it's just what you need.  And in Christchurch they are even colder than us, so these will be just the ticket.

Joyce also made these cute bookmarks.  You would think she had all the time in the world wouldn't you?  Well she is as busy as you can be with two young boys and studying to be a teacher as well.  It just goes to show how wonderful some people in the world are.  Thank you so much Joyce, you are a great friend!

And these wonderful gifts were sent to me via Cat.  Just look at how much time and effort were put into these.  I'm so excited that finally these gifts are going to be in new homes next week and loved.

Iif you helped make this appeal happen, thank you soooooo much!!!!!   You are the best and I thank you very much.  It's so nice to be able to show our girls how many wonderful people there are in the world and how willing others are to help out someone in need.  You never know when you are going to be the one in need.  These days it seems that anything can happen and probably will.  Scary times.

Anyway on a lighter note, have a great week!  School went back for our girls yesterday and the house is finally getting back to normal.  Actually it's a bit too quiet for my liking.


Scrummy Scrapz aka Lizzie said...

Hi Sarah, good to see you and my you've been busy with the other generous ladies - it's a marvellous gesture and let's hope there will be joy in opening every one of those gifts! Keep well x

delia hornbook said...

Congratulations on all that you and your friends have achieved here, its a truely wonderful thing to do. dee x

sallgood said...

So many wonderful things, all shared with love!! You put together a great outreach that will be so appreciated!! Good Work!!:D

Anonymous said...

WOW!!! Love that the box came with an extra hug. This is AMAZING!!!!!

Catherine said...

What the world needs now is Love sweet Love

Yeah a job well done - thank you EVERYONE who donated in whatever way they could.

My darling friend Lynn from Chapel Grove for the Olive Tea
My honey of a hair dresser for 30 knitted face cloths
Jan Mc in Australia for knitted beanies
Kaite and her Mum in Australia for darling wee softies
Jo in Edinburgh for the most amazing softies

VintageVicki said...

Well done to all of you - you've worked so hard for your fellow countrymen/women :)

Serenata said...

Wonderful, wonderful work that everyone has done, great gifts,that will be very much appreciated especially with winter coming up.

Back to school today for my son :-)

Fruitful Fusion said...

Well done guys!!! Everything looks so good!!!

sewnbysaliba said...

Wow! You guys have certainly been very busy!! Congratulations for organising such an appeal - I'm sure the goodies will be greatly appreciated!

Val said...

Dear Sarah ... I am so happy for you and your little helpers :0) It has given me such a joy to have had a little part in your sterling efforts and idea of LOVE in a package. May each gift bring a comfort with it .... to whoever received them, and THE hug be passed on!
Thank you for all you have done and allowed others to share in.
with love to you all,
Val xx Oxfordshire UK

Michela said...

Thanks God there are truly special and generous people like you and your friends in this world!

Willeke said...

Great job girls, the presents look very beautiful!