Tuesday, 8 March 2011

A Grand Old Day

Afternoon my dears!  Morning to my other dears!  Yes I'm chirpy today, am I not?  About time really.  I've been someone else lately I'm afraid.  But as from yesterday I'm back.  Yep and I'm back into my sewing which is very nice.  Not really sure why I've been a bit odd lately, perhaps it's because it's my last year with my darling little sausage at home and I'm missing her already.  Silly aren't I?  Never mind, I'm just going to get on with it again and start having fun once again.  Lots of sewing and doing fun things.  The man says I'm always much better when I am busy with my makings.

So let me introduce you to...  OK I haven't actually named him/her!  Not that it matters as it's my first toy to donate to my 'Gift of Love' Appeal.  An enormous thank you to you lovely ladies who have offered to make some things for the Christchurch people.  They will be much appreciated I'm quite sure.

The bunny came from the Softies book.  I've always like this rabbit for it's simply design and the fact that a little poppet can hold him/her so easily.  I'm betting those denim ears will taste pretty good too!   Do you like his tail?  It's a piece of Moda tape with cute dots on it.  I was also thinking that I could embroider some tape with a word like hope or love.  But I've run out of tape after making lots of name labels for No.1's school uniform.

Yesterday was a very grand day as I also made pumpkin soup for a special guest coming for a sleep-over on Thursday!   I know, a real sleep-over!!  All will be revealed later in the week.  And you know what??  That pretty pumpkin came out of our compost bin!!  Do you think I should hide this fact from our guest?  Yes probably!  It's it just the juiciest, orangey, pumpkin you ever did see? 

Last evening, after a great day, No.4 took her Daddy to kindy for a special Daddy's night.  They ate fish'n'chips and sang songs.  Sooo cute!  Anyway we weren't going to miss out on some fun, so the rest of us bought our fish'n'chips and ate them at a local park. 

Aren't we so very lucky to have this gorgeous park only ten minutes from where we live?  It's quite new so the plants are a bit small.  But the landscaping sure makes up for it.

The girls walked up this man-made hill.  I didn't want to risk breaking my shoes so I waited at the bottom.  Boring I know.  The big girls roller bladed around and No.3 enjoyed scooting on her squeaky scooter.  Must get the CRC out for that wee problem.

The evening was just perfect.  Warm, not windy and very peaceful.  Just look at that heavenly blue sky. 

Well I better get my boots on and get a bit of house tidying done before it's full of children once more.  Not that they will care of course!  Does your house always look messy?  Ours sure does, every jolly day!  Alright, have a super duper day yourselves!  See you next time!


'Joyce' said...

oh how lovely. You are very chirpy and it's wonderful. I have been through fits and bursts myself as well of late. There is so much sadness surrounding us all right now, plus the added pressures of being Mum and I think this time of year tends to sap the energies - it makes for a bit of a droop in the calendar thats for sure. I do love your softie, this little bunny is going to be dearly loved and I reckon those ears are going to be well dribbled. Your new little park is very pretty and a lovely spot for fish and chips to be enjoyed. Have a wonderful day at your place.

Crafty Mermaid said...

The bunny looks great - the tail was inspired :)

mel @ loved said...

I miss my little guy already too, he doesn't go to school til next year, but I get very emotional thinking about it! Great pictures & love the softie..

delia hornbook said...

So glad to hear your feeling a bit more chirpy ;-)) Those blues days are no fun i get them during our winter months, i crave the sunshine and mild and warm weather. I know how you feel about your little one going to school soon its hard when they leave you, its hard for you to find yourself again in a way, but being creative is a god send ;-)) Looks like a lovely park, and im loving your bunny to that will please a little one, have a lovely week, dee x

Kirsty@Bonjour said...

Welcome back! Hard to be down with that gorgeous park across the way, how fantastic is that. Love your bunny, he will make a great gift for a littlie. Happy sewing!

bekimarie said...

The bunny is adorable and such a great shape for little hands too.
I may have to have a go at making one if you don't mind!
Great swap gifts, didn't you do well!

B xxx

p.s great to see/hear you so chirpy x

bibbitybob said...

Yum, those chips are making me hungry. Great to hear you're feeling a bit more yourself x

Scrummy Scrapz aka Lizzie said...

Well hello, Just adore the bunny and can't wait to see more creations. Mmmmm you do have a lovely view and the park is super especially for children - this is why I do miss Down Under but c'est la vie!

Michaja said...

What a cute bunny you made!
Have placed the button. Will send something myself as well. Will come bakc to you about that.

Anonymous said...

I can so empathise with down days and up days. It's good to know you are not alone when you are feeling blue...and a big creative burst sure brings a smile on my face.
I am entertaining the last little one who can't wait to leave the nest for kinder....in a blink of an eye.....
have a wonderful day,
greetings from Victoria.

Scrummy Scrapz aka Lizzie said...

Just thought I'd reply - yep they are 29mm covered buttons and they would great as badges or magnets but that machine will have to wait!

Heidi said...

What a fun time, love your bunny, he has personality!

what was that thing next to your fries, a pickle?

Hows the yard coming?

take care, Heidi

Croap Queen said...

Glad you're back Sarah :-)
Cool bunny - he/she's cute.
Lovely park pictures - it's becoming the time of year when I start thinking I must go and look at the nature we actually have all round us here in Sussex.
Jo x

Lisa said...

Love your bunny..... very very cute!

moonstruckcreations said...

Lovely photos - we are still waiting for warmer weather here, so these pics are a real boost!


Scrummy Scrapz aka Lizzie said...

Just don't believe it, first the earthquake and now the Tsunami - I hope and pray no more lives are taken - in my thoughts!

Angela said...

But why is the 'fish' with your chips shaped suspiciously like a sausage!!!!!

Melissa said...

super cute bunny. such a great way to support your fellow peeps. love that you guys go on dates with the kids. i keep wanting to start that, but we haven't yet.

Anonymous said...

That bunny is adorable - as always you do make the loveliest stuff. Devine park too.