Thursday, 16 September 2010

I Love You!

Hello all my lovelies!  Do you know just how much pleasure it is to sit down at my computer (yes darling hubby it's mine, just ask the girls) and see a flood of emails coming through for little old me?  Do you know just how much I adore seeing all your very kind, supportive comments you write to me?  Well I can tell you it's huge.  It's right up to the sky and back and then some.  I enjoy writing comments on blogs too especially when you see how much of an achievement someone has made.  You just have to stop for a min and say "good on you".  So thank you all so very much!

My sewing class at school is going quite well although some of the students are getting a little too familiar and starting to misbehave a little - tut tut!  But mostly we have fun. 

Do you also know, I had no idea just how tricky they would find making yoyos?  Seriously I thought they would take about ten mins to do.  Try an hour!!  Good grief if only I'd known I would have made it a class on it's own.  They were however, impressed with what you could make with them.  I gave them an extra round of fabric to take home with them and one sweet student ran up to me today and said she'd made it last night.  It's so nice that they want to sew out of class.  It means that it's been successful and we now have a few extra sewers in the world.  And that's what it's all about.

And what have I been sewing?  Well I made these little Tilda birds last night.  I've got a wee idea up my sleeve, so no peeking up there.  It might work out and it might not, we'll see.  Anyway it got me thinking.  It seems many of you have a project you make that you enjoy and it's very you.  Some make bunnies, some make bags, some make aprons and the list goes on...   But I don't seem to have one of these signature projects.  I think I'd like one, but then I'm not too good at sticking to one thing because I get bored with doing things more than once.  But I would like one all the same.

The littlest one was itching to go outside and play today after the rain stopped.  She put on her jacket and shoes and off she went.  Several minutes later I caught a glimpse of her out the window.  Just look at how much fun she is having...
I just cracked up laughing at her.  She sure knows how to have fun that girl.  I could hear her prattling away to herself as a fourth child does without company.  Unfortunately she's since given up holding on to her trousers now.  I do hope those shoes were taken off before the first adventure.  Her boots are still soaking from the walk to school this morning.

I have a wee confession to make to you.  I am addicted to the purchasing of lemons.  Yes it's true.  Every week, for weeks now, I have come home from the fruit and veg shop with at least one, sometimes two bags of the little yellow balls.  I make lemon cordial with most of them and sometimes I make lemon curd like today.  Their little lids are popping as I type.  I must say though, I have mastered the art of making lemon curd to perfection!  Yes I rule in that area, the crown is mine. 

And now my darlings I really must go and see what the little one is up to now.  It's a bit quiet for my liking!  See you next time!


'Joyce' said...

Good Morning Sarah, your little post makes me smile so much. Ok this could be a long one, so will try and be good. I love your little red and white photo at the top of the post. It almost looks like Christmas stockings, although, I seem to have Christmas craft on the brain the last few days as I normally start making gifts about now for teachers.
As for your yo-yo class, how wonderful you have students making them at home, that is certainly a sign of success, and yes, to more sewers in the world - woo hoo!
You mention not having one thing to stick to as your thing, well I am much the same. I like a little variety, I like making different things, using different tools. Different seasons bring on different needs.
As for your darling little miss, these photos are so cute, and I love listening to children imagine and play. I think we should all be more child-like.
Re your lemon curd - congrats - you make me giggle, you are such a breath of sunshine, it's an honour to know you. Have a wonderful, wonderful day, and I so look forward to seeing your secret little project.

Clara said...

Lemon curd is delicious. Your little one is enjoying life for all of the natural beauty it has. I think a lot of people these days get too caught up in commercial items for their children. Thanks for your post today.
It's really nice to have lots on the go and for our brains to be on overload with oodles of creativity.

Serenata said...

Oh Sarah, it is so lovely to see DD4 out there splashing and paddling. She is such an outdoor lover isn't she?! Now did you post your Lemon Curd recipe? I'm thinking it is something I should try making as DS2 loves lemon curd.

I don't have a 'signature' item either and funnily enough have been thinking about it as well. In NZ in my 'other' life it used to be soft toys and babies shoes, but it is soo long ago now, or seems as such that I don't even know if I could make them anymore. Not sure that I even want to.

Anyway I hope your little monkey didn't get into too much mischief!

Mrs Yappy Dog said...

I haven't eaten lemon curd for years! would you blog your recipe? or is it a family secret! I have a little lemon tree with three big ones on - it would be fun to make something with them. Yappy xxx

Justine said...

Hey Sarah! Your lemon curd looks divine and I agree with Mrs Yappy dog in that you should def. post the recipe so we can all share the lemon curd love!!! PS My 'to do' list is getting smaller, nearling onto the Xmas Stocking Swap!

delia hornbook said...

Morning, I love your pin cushion i love the way you have made it in folds and the little birds could be a little mobile ;-) Aww bless her playing in puddles or even running about in a rain storm like my son and i did last year is just the greatest ;-)) Lemon curd looks yummy to ;-))

Floss said...

Aw, Sarah, what a happy post! I agree it's great to know there are people out there taking and interest in, and admiring, the things we do - those things that sometimes leave family and local friends somewhat mystified! And lemon curd - yum! I'm impressed you're makeing so much. Ben and the boys do about two batches a year, but then he makes SOOO much jam, too.

About your little dears misbehving - I bet you know how to handle it, but it's a logical pattern- they were scared of you at first, just because you were new, and now they know you're nice, so some have taken the 'not being scared' too far in the other direction. I bet, I bet, I bet that you know just how to squash that without loosing the fun, though! Somehow that come through in your blogging...

Sarah said...

Hello darlings! Here is the link to my post with the lemon curd recipe Enjoy, it's so easy and delish!!

Lululiz said...

Awww, just look at that gorgeous little girl having so much fun. She is a right little cracker. Mind you, all your girls are totally lovely and lovable.
Yummmmm, lemon curd!

Luisa @ Dance in my garden said...

oh i am salivating at the talk of all that lemon curd!
your sewing gig sounds good!

Maria said...

Hi Sarah,

Your comment about number 4 talking to herself made me laugh, out #4 Clemmie has been talking to her toys all morning as she is now alone with her three older siblings now at school, it does make me chuckle listening to her..

Jenevieve said...

Such a lovely post, you made me smile! Your daughter is so sweet paddling in the puddles barefoot, I always hated wearing footwear when I was little!
Well done on introducing a few more people to the wonders of sewing, you must be so proud that your students are sewing in their own time at home!
The lemon curd looks fantastic, but as I'm not normally a lemon person, what is lemon curd used for?
Have a good day! :) x

Colette said...

Oh all that red makes my heart smile - and spotty too, just perfect!
The lemon curd looks yummy too, I've not had a go at making it yet - you've inspired me to try that soon. x

Amanda said...

Your lemon curd has made my mouth water! I was just going to ask you for the recipe.... and there it is already! Thanks Sarah! Lots of love, Amanda xxx

Heidi said...

your such a busy beaver your lemon creations look so yummy...I love the birds!

Croap Queen said...

Lovely post as always.
Glad to see the Littlie having so much fun, even on her own :-)
Must make some lemon curd again (although it never tastes as good as my Mum's) and I may even feel a lemon meringue pie coming on when I'm away - my Portuguese friend loves it.
J x