Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Bits and Bobs

I designed this little camera case a while back for Daughter No.2.  Well No.1 requested one for her holiday and I needed one for my camera too of course.  So I got sewing the other evening and I'd forgotten just how quick and easy they are.  Of course I had to use my favourite fabrics for mine.  And one of Aunty Liz's precious French antique buttons.  Well it just wouldn't be complete without one!

And now I can enjoy my favourite things anytime I wish now.

And just look what I picked up at the charity shop yesterday.  I think the woman thought I was a little mad not wanting the whole box of threads.  I explained in the end that I was only interested in the wooden spools.  Of course the silky thread will be lovely to use, if only most of them weren't purple!   Still they are looking lovely on my buffet in one of my rose bowls.

And then there were three!  Yes little Rosie was born on Sunday night.  She's preparing to leave the burrow already sadly.  A certain little niece will be receiving her for her birthday.  Thank you all so much for your kind comments regarding my little bunnies.  I even have a bunny swap lined up now with the lovely Amanda from Amanda Makes!  Several of you have suggested I make a pattern to sell.  We'll certainly think about that! 

Yesterday our weather was the best in months.  Summer really has been here for a couple of days.  We even visited the beach in the afternoon.  What a treat to have the sand between our toes once more and the warmth of the sun on our skin.  May it continue for the rest of these school holidays. 

There is something very special about a beautiful day.  It really gets you going and puts a smile on everyone's faces.  I hope you had a great day where you are too.


Clara said...

Cute little tootsie toes in the sand!

Serenata said...

Oh I like the cottons Sarah, they are just perfect colours! ;-)

Little tootsies in NZ sand...wonderful, nothing quite like it.

Beautiful camera case as well.

Sarah said...

Hey wheres the picture of me?!!!!
Oh and the picture of our MASSIVE, I mean MASSIVE hole that went down to stone, water and a few bits of glass!!! It went way over my knees.

Love Daughter Number #2(Lucy)

jus said...

The Beach... yay!!!!! x

Heidi said...

Oh I love love love that camera case....I'm coveting! Those bunnies are so sweet!

'Joyce' said...

Hi Sarah, oh how lovely, the beach, and wiggling little toes. I love your little opshop goodness too. I have a few of those wooden spools, they were my Mum's and Grandma's. I don't even use the cotton on them, they are too precious.

Jak said...

Cute little bunnies and the camera case is prettily practical too. So glad you've had beachy weather, here it is dark, dank, depressing and so cold.
Jak x

The undomesticated scientist said...

love the bunbies. my tiny is bunny mad, better not let her see them or she'll be asking me to make one! said...

I am loving the camera case. And yes, you are so right, there is nothing like a glorious day to lift the spirits...its pouring here! Susie xxx

Lululiz said...

Lolol, Lucy, does mum know you complained, errr, commented on here? I would have loved to see a pic of you, of course.
Love the camera cases, Sarah. Have you not run out of those buttons yet? Perhaps I have to hunt around for some more red ones for you. And I adore the very last photo, thats gorgeous.

Green thumb said...

Aww! I love the picture of your lovely daughter's chubby feet in the sand!