Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Shop Open for Business

My Felt Shop and a sample of what I'm selling...



OK so it's been a few years and I'm not really back, but I thought a bit of publicity wouldn't hurt.  Yes I have a shop and I may just try the Etsy thing at some stage too, could be more traffic flow there.  International buyers are most welcome to purchase, just leave me a message and I can find out postage prices for you.  Not sure about currency conversions?  I'm thinking Etsy may well be the way to go!

Thanks to you all,
Sarah xxx


VintageVicki said...

There was me getting all excited you were back blogging ;)

Shop looks fab :)

Hope you and yours are all well? Rather a lot of changes in my world but boys & I are happy & settled now.

suzie jay sroka said...

Beautiful!! As ever. Thank you for popping over to dee me at my blog, it is absolutely lovely to hear from you again! xxx

suzie jay sroka said...

see me that was!! Ha ha! x

Serenata said...

Gosh! I nearly had heart failure to see a blog post from my dear NZ friend. Only to find you aren't really 'back' to blogging... hope you and your gorgeous family are all well and still enjoying the home education. I often think of you.

Good luck with your shop!

Liv said...

Welcome back !!!!