Friday, 23 September 2011

Calling International Bloggers!

The girls have just signed up for a marvelous swap organised by the very lovely Megan from Mousehouse.  If you have any interest in the Rugby World Cup, or even if you just love to receive lovely parcels, pop on over and sign yourselves up.  Even if you don't have any children I'm sure it wouldn't matter.  RWC countries are scattered all over the world and a parcel from any one of these countries would be fantastic.

Megan is going to try and match up people from different countries so it's international.  We have been asked to send items that represent our country eg. sweets, kiwi related items, stickers, magnets, colouring pages, postcards, stamps, anything with a New Zealand theme.  You, international bloggers, would send us items that represent your special country.

This is a great way to include your children in a swap and help them to learn about another country in a very fun way.

Now off you go and sign up!  Work to be done around here now.  Have a super duper day today/or tomorrow for all you lovelies over the other side of the world.


Megan said...

thanks heaps Sarah! Here's hoping we get lots of swappers :) Have a great day

B............... said...

Thanks for posting this lovely, have popped over and signed up, Jack will love this!

B xxx

polkadotpeticoat said... have such sweet parents....have a wonderful weekend!

Cat said...

okay okay okay off I go to check it out xxx

moonstruckcreations said...

Will pop over right now - Im sure my daughter would love this!

Helenxx (UK)