Tuesday, 8 February 2011

A Penny For Your Thoughts

Sarah has received her winning wall hanging I made.  Go on over to her blog if you like and see the beautiful post she wrote about it.  It sure makes it all worth while!  I think I may have to make a few more.  Perhaps a different design maybe?

I've been thinking about opening a store online.  The thing is, I'm not good at making many of one thing.  I get bored.  Still there is a market for one-offs too I guess.   I'm not sure if I have enough in my imagination for many things.  It's so hard to make ideas up.  I'll have to give it some thought and perhaps use a notebook for my ideas. 

Now I want to share with you something that's bothering me.  Daughter No.1 just started at Intermediate school this past week which means she now catches the bus to and from school.  She is 11 and in Year 7.  I heard that a friend of hers just got a mobile phone for emergencies.  She takes it to school with her.  Phones are handed in to the teacher every morning and given back at 3pm.  Apparently over half the class has a phone at school and many aren't collected up either.  What do children of this age need a phone for?  Is it the kids that want them or are the parents being way too protective over them? 

The mother of this friend was struggling with the time the bus was taking to get them to the bus stop in the afternoons (40mins), and was in quite a state most days.  How much can happen to them from supervision at school while their names are checked off as they get on the buses, to getting to a bus stop 5mins away??  I'm really against mobiles for kids as you can probably tell.  They seem to attract too many problems that kids can't deal with. 

What do you think?  Am we mean for not wanting our daughter have one for several more years?  She hasn't actually asked for one but I'm guessing that day will come sooner rather than later.


crafts@home said...

I know you won't like me for saying this but, I think a cheap, pay as you go with a small amount of credit on it can give you peace of mind. Nothing that's flashy or worth stealing, nothing they'll be tears about if it gets lost, there here, there here to stay. Sue :)

Catherine said...

I'm with you ! Keep a mobile away from kids for as long as possible. I sure plan/hope to! Text bullying is rife in schools . . . and we managed without them - if you need to get hold of your child - phone the school.

Virginia said...

We haven't got to this stage yet, Sarah, but I would avoid it. If she is getting on a bus at school and taken straight to her bus stop, then I see no need. If, on the other hand, she took one bus to the city bus mall, and had to wait half an hour for her next bus, then that's different.

Why introduce something when not really necessary? It's also a valuable lesson for our kids to learn that just because other kids have one, you're not just going to bow to the 'in' crowd. If mobiles at 11, what then will they expect at 15? All the best sorting it out! Hope they all settle easily and quickly. We're still enjoying holidays here. )

**Anne** said...

The way you describe the school and bus arrangements, I don't think your daughter needs one yet.
Our daughters got them when they were about 14 and purely for emergency use only as at times they walked home from school. They do text their friends occasionally and have never been permitted to use them for lengthy conversations.
When your daughters become more independent I think they would be a good idea.
Anne xx

'Joyce' said...

Hullo Sarah, oh firstly your beautiful one off works of art will be cherished and snapped up in a shot, if that is what you wish to take on. I would not be able to production line the same things over and over myself, I do like a little variety. Do get yourself a notebook and sketch and note, in a few months/weeks time, look back over it and maybe make 2 of each to begin with. Follow the seasons for various items as well, this would also hit on variety.

In regards to the mobile phone. I have an 8 and 6 year old. At this stage, in the immediate future, there will be no mobile phones here. I am with you, re just because others have it doesn't mean it's a go. If your daughter gets on the bus from the school and doesn't get off until her stop without changing buses or long waiting times between buses, then I don't see the point in her needing a phone. I have my mobile with me at all times during the school day. In my phone I have the bus companies number so that if ever the bus was to be late getting to the designated bus stop I would contact the bus company as all buses are fitted with 2-way radio back to depot.

I never had a mobile phone at school, although that was 24+ years ago now and yes, times are very different etc, but for our family, we want our kids to BE kids. How do they learn to make decisions, what would they ring you for if they are on the bus? 'Hi Mum, can you make pikelets for afternoon tea please?' I don't know, that's what my kids would do if they had a mobile phone. lol.

No you are far from mean. I wish you all the best in your decision making. It never ends hey - as a parent we are always wondering if we have made the right decision for our kids. Let us know how you get on.

Heidi said...

I am at that stage but not with a girl but a boy. Here is where the difference is....We made him wait till he was 13 years old and said no to texting. people could text him but he could not answer.

He never abused it once, now my niece who was 13 was terrible...she is I know not all girls as I know yours are sweethearts. she ran up the phone bills and was not responsible at all with it.
I have never had a problem with it.

But we live in a dead zone at home so when were here they can't receive any calls so maybe I'm a poor example. I will say it is nice when they get in high school to get a hold of them and he always ends his calls with love you Mom now he is almost 16.

some parents are giving kids cell phones as early as 2nd grade....now this is crazy!

delia hornbook said...

My boys are 14 and 11. My 14 year old had a phone on contract when he was 13, he was diagonsed with Crohn's disease when he was 12, he has to walk half hour to school by a bad road and for me it was peace of mind. If he needs me he can ring me if he gets in trouble with his bowel etc. Also when he goes into town with his friends and theres a problem we can contact each other. In the world we live in for me and him its a must. But its a personnal thing to each family and parent i feel. He has never abused it so i know its worth it for us. Good luck with it, dee x

Serenata said...

I'm with you Sarah, she doesn't need one. Gosh I used to catch three buses to get home when I was 11, only one of them was a 'school' bus and of course never even gave it a thought. Okay it was a few years ago now (tee hee) but have things really changed that much that necessitates one? My 14 year old still doesn't have one, and we have no intention of buying him one either.

Wendy said...

I really don't think kids should have mobiles, but my 11-year old step daughter does (not our decision, but her mum's). She's on pay as you go and as soon as she gets any credit, it's gone in minutes. Wasted. I can't understand what she needs it for, she's with her friends all day at school and they're all on facebook at night, but there you go. It's just yet another status symbol, to have the latest phone, to wear designer clothes (her mother bought her a pair of Ugg boots for £160!!! She grew out of them 2 weeks later - I wouldn't even pay that for boots for me and my feet aren't growing), to have the biggest tv... I'm completely against the whole thing. We walked to school and back at that age and mobile phones weren't even invented. I haven't really answered your question, have I? I've just had a good old rant!

Michaja said...

If I would you I should wait a bit. Why do they need a phone for? Your so right.
I know I will be facing the same problems in quite some years but I know it will come. Here my 6 years old starts allready about a DS. As her best friend has one. No way that she will get one in the near future. Let them play with other stuff. What for the moment she is doing as the best :)
Have a great week Sarah!
p.s. About the shop, I think it could definitly work just make one item and selling it . Try it! Why not?

Jane said...

Hi Sarah I had lunch with Sarah yesterday and really admired your beautiful wall hanging. It was so colourful and tactile. Our daughters loved running their fingers over it and finding all the different colours. You are very talented! J x

Dreadnought said...

Hi chick! here's the link you asked for. xxx

gillyflower said...

No, you're not mean, we felt exactly the same too! And if shes not asked for one, then theres no rush! Hold out as long as is fair I say! Our daughter asked for one when she was starting Year 8, at 11 going on 12, and as she had started to go to and from school by public bus we thought it was sensible.It came in very useful when she missed her bus, or a club was cancelled etc, and as they are growing in independence by that age it also gave us peace of mind. We laid down the ground rules re:use, we control the amount of credit she has on it and after one fling initially she settled down and has used it sensibly. Also, most of her friends had one by then and it is unfair on them to be different - my friend has tried to hold out against this sort of thing and it has resulted in both her daughters sadly being virtually friendless as they are not allowed to do the same as the other girls. At that age they also start to go out with friends at weekends, shopping and cinema etc,so it is vital for pick up times etc. Now nearly 16, it is a godsend when they go up to London for the day!
Good Luck!

jus said...

Thank you for your birthday wishes, I'll keep a hold of them till April (don't ask, I'm even confusing myself!)
I did the phone thing once the kids started intermediary (13) and they've been handy on occasion. I introduced a few rules though, more about manners really than anything... no rude messages, no texting at the table, that sort of thing. Good luck!

Andrea said...

me too.. think it is just ridiculous. kids + phones = i don't think so!! The more we cotton wool wrap the world...the less safe it will be i think...and the less likely kids will know how to stay safe.

Unless you live in a dangerous ghetto full of dangerous people...

Boxoftrix said...

Beautiful quilt such a pretty design. My 1st was not allowed a mobile phone until he was 17 the 2nd got hers at 16 the 3rd 14 he never uses it but I know I can get in touch with him when I need to and for me that is peace of mind.